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Ruth Leonard-Williams First things first... energy saving and efficiency.

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1 Ruth Leonard-Williams First things first... energy saving and efficiency

2 Who are we? Home Energy and Transport Advice Local Authority Grant Schemes Renewable Energy Services Training and Events Community and Schools Support Policy and Strategy

3 The Challenge 80% reduction in carbon emissions needed by 2050 Buildings account for 40% of emissions (homes around 27%) In 2050 80% of our homes will be ones that exist today Many of these are “hard to treat” Approximately 500,000 homes will need to be improved every year

4 Monitoring energy use Energy Saving Trust – Home Energy Check – free personalised report Paper form or online at Carbon calculators e.g. Carbon Gym - Act on CO2 - Current cost meters/smart meters – electricity

5 Low cost/no cost measures Action Approx cost*Approx saving* Use your heating controls FREE17% reduction in heating bills Turn thermostat down 1°C FREE10% reduction in heating bills Draftproof £100-£200£25 a year Turn off lights and appliances FREE£40 a year Energy saving lightbulbs From 50pAverage of £40 over bulb life Insulate hot water tank £12£35 a year Insulate hot water pipes £10£10 a year Turn off taps cleaning teeth FREE£13 a year Wash clothes at 30°C FREE£10 a year Close curtains at dusk FREEno figures Lids on cooking pans FREEno figures Not filling kettle right up FREE nationwide – enough to power ½ streetlights Change fuel supplier FREEup to £500 a year** *Figures from the Energy Saving Trust for average 3-bed semi with gas central heating ** Figures from

6 Medium cost measures Action Approx costApprox saving* Insulate loft to 270mm (none existing) FREE to £170£150 a year Insulate loft to 270mm (100mm existing) FREE to £200£45 Insulate cavity walls FREE to £150£155 Replace old appliances with A-rated e.g. Varies Roughly £30/year/ fridge, freezer, dishwasher, washing machineappliance Improve heating controls £8 per valve £2 a year per valve (e.g. install Thermostatic Radiator valves) *Figures from the Energy Saving Trust for average 3-bed semi with gas central heating

7 All 10 Devon local authorities Funded by E.ON FREE or heavily discounted loft and cavity wall insulation Available to all home owners and private tenants 0800 512 012, fill in postcard or Similar offers available in Somerset call 0800 512 012

8 Higher cost measures ActionApprox Cost Approx savings Replacing old or inefficient boilerFrom £1500Up to £235 a year Internal wall insulationFrom £2000£380 a year External wall insulation£10000£400 a year

9 Whole house approach Look at all options together – energy saving, renewables and behavioural Prioritise actions according to carbon savings, financial savings and budget T-Zero website – Compares all energy options and ranks them according to above criteria

10 CERT – current discounts for loft and cavity insulation Warm Front Feed in Tariffs and proposed Renewable Heat Incentive Green New Deal and “Pay as You Save”  Large capital loan to pay for measures  Loan to house not owners  Not yet clear how it will be financed and managed and who will benefit Financial incentives

11 Further information and advice Freephone 0800 512 012 Monday- Friday 9am-5pm Free, independent impartial advice – domestic energy efficiency and transport Up to date information on all local grants More in-depth householder surveys, energy efficiency audits and renewable energy scoping studies Graded programme of services at cost price Independent, impartial advice Signposting to other organisations as appropriate

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