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Online Fundraising and Enterprise

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1 Online Fundraising and Enterprise

2 What is An online fundraising platform, designed for local charities, groups and social enterprise. It enables people who want to donate their money to a local project can find you, and make the donation, all online.

3 Why is it important? Online donations are the fastest growing type of fundraising, and being enterprising means including all potential income streams. Although online donations are still a relatively small part of all fundraising, it is the way things are going. now gives you the facility to do online fundraising as a social enterprise. It means that you make it easier for people who want to give you money online, to do so!


5 How can we benefit on Localgiving? Facilities to easily accept donations Automated Gift Aid on donations, not only for charities but also for community groups Webpages that are easy for supporters to find New sources of funding, access to a community of supporters Space to advertise your needs, including volunteer vacancies Local and UK wide promotions Webpages that are easy to complete and update at any time Search tools for supporters to easily find you Approval by the Charity Commission

6 Why now? Now 135 groups already on Localgiving in West Yorkshire. Between them they've raised £200,000 in the last 10 months on We want more groups on from across the region.... So we're providing support and opportunity. The sooner you join the more help you can access.

7 How does it work? To register with, you will need to be invited by your local Community Foundation. Cost Free 3 month trial with no obligation to continue After this period, there will be a £60 annual fee, plus VAT (£12) Works out at £6 per month, which is less than £1.50 per week The average donation on is currently £30. Therefore, 2 average donations plus Gift Aid will cover your annual subscription with a £9 profit.

8 8 What next? Sign up to Get your team involved Start fundraising online Tell us about your success

9 Invitation to join You will receive an email invitation from your local Community Foundation that looks like this. Click to register Your charity 6

10 8 Any questions? Rachel Julian 01422 349700 0113 242 2426

11 Example: Skelton Grange We have raised money to date by: * messaging our database of contacts who have said they are happy to hear from us about our work and emailing them about Localgiving and the Match Fund events * building up a facebook page and twitter feed * going on radio leeds to talk about a particular event and asking for donations via the website * putting the Localgiving 'donate now' buttons onto our website and into emails to promote the facility And we have put the money towards running environmental education activities for children at Skelton Grange, either directly or as match funding for other grant applications which required commitment or support of others.

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