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Americas Perspective BRC Conference January 29 th – 30 th,2009 John Kukoly Product Manager, Agri-Food.

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1 Americas Perspective BRC Conference January 29 th – 30 th,2009 John Kukoly Product Manager, Agri-Food

2 2 2 Introduction John Kukoly B. Sc. In Engineering 20 + years experience in the food industry Kraft – dairy operations Ecolab – sanitation, food safety, engineering ConAgra – thermal processing, meat processing, confectionary QMI – SAI Global – food safety and organic certification

3 3 3 QMI-SAI Global QMI is North Americas oldest and largest certification body Purchased by SAI Global in 2008 Sister company to Efsis, also owned by SAI Global Roots in ISO 9001; automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, medical devices, most recently health care and food

4 4 4 Presentation Objectives Overview of the Americas Certification Bodies and auditing companies Auditors Technical Advisory Committee BRC in the Americas

5 5 5 The Americas - defined

6 6 6 The Americas - Redefined

7 7 7 Food safety perspective 20 years ago In house expertise, and supplier auditing Non-existent private label production Regulation by inspection 10 years ago Third party inspections and audits Commodity level private label Little retail involvement in food safety HACCP

8 8 8 Perspective in the Americas Currently… Increased regulatory involvement Globalization and private label Public pressure Increasing liability FDA moving toward recognizing accredited third party auditing Beyond the food manufacturers

9 9 9 Global Food Safety Initiative and BRC GFSI provided the vehicle for entrance – Wal-Mart letter to suppliers December 2007 with ambitious timescales Mass confusion Letters from retailers to their supply chain Competitive marketing Industry wide, Cargill to the National Restaurant Association… GFSI still misunderstood

10 10 Food Safety – Current View Proprietary auditing –AIB, GFTC, Silliker, Steritech, NSF, Primus Second party auditing –Pepsi, Nestle Standards –BRC, SQF, ISO 22000 Others –GMA-SAFE, HACCP, internal programs

11 11 Auditor resources Different… –GFSI auditor standards –Industry segregation by product, officially –Management systems The same… –Food safety experience –Auditor management and calibration

12 12 North American Technical Advisory Committee for the BRC Food Standard Technical guidance Complaint review Strategic development of the standard Awareness initiatives Promotion Wal-Mart, US Foodservice, Kraft, Del-Monte, NRA, McDonalds, Coca-cola…

13 13 North American TAC - Outcomes Website upgrade Guidance in managing the Americas market Americas version of the standard (English) Certification body co-operation group Involvement of trade associations Representation in the Americas Upcoming meetings Atlanta, London, San Francisco

14 14 Moving Forward Awareness –Retailers continue to specify –Requirements of the standard –Certification bodies Training –GFSI, and individual standards Materials –Obtaining the standard –Guidance documents –Approved providers

15 15 BRC in the Americas Support –Work with trade associations –Co-market with CB’s –Enhance the website information Additional programs –Warehouse and distribution –Packaging suppliers –Consumer products

16 16 BRC in the Americas Potential –Current market direction – the market is changing - BRC is being seen as the front runner even though moving into a new market with established competition –Supported by retailers (GFSI) –Support from trade associations (GFSI) –Desire on the part of customers to learn and adapt –A potential to create a truly global standard via the Americas, both as a market, and as a driver into Asia.


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