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Autumn 2007 welcome to our virtual tour. The Hospice opened in February 1973.

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1 Autumn 2007 welcome to our virtual tour

2 The Hospice opened in February 1973

3 Care is provided across North Staffordshire and surrounding areas, in patients’ own homes and at the Hospice

4 Specialist Palliative Care in the Community In-Patient Unit Day Hospice Hospice at Home Social Work Bereavement Support Spiritual Care All of our care services are provided free of charge

5 P alliative C are C ommunity N ursing S pecialists - Based at the Hospice visiting patients’ homes in the community - Supporting NHS health care professionals.

6 Our nurses are trained, specialists in palliative care, with considerable experience and knowledge. Enabling them to help by :- -Advising on the control of symptoms. -Giving psychological support to you and your family. And... -Referring patients to the other services of the hospice. -Offering guidance on practical issues about a patients’ illness. -Liaising with Doctors (G.P.’s) and other NHS health care professionals. -Advising of other services which may help with support and care.

7 Day Hospice -25 places each day -Monday to Friday -10.00am to 3.00pm

8 The central room in our Day Hospice has an atrium roof creating a light and spacious feeling


10 Therapies -symptom control -physiotherapy -lymphoedema management

11 Therapies - occupational therapy - diversion therapy painting, crafts, games

12 Well-being -Hairdressing -Bathing -Social activities

13 Complementary Therapies -aromatherapy -acupuncture -reflexology

14 Complementary Therapies -relaxation -psychological & emotional support

15 talk to others......share experiences

16 In-Patient Unit -28 beds -24 hour care -365 days a year

17 In-Patient Unit side wards have 4 beds

18 In-Patient Unit individual rooms have en-suite facilities

19 In-Patient Unit all beds have a:- -radio point -over bed television -telephone -headphones

20 In-Patient Unit all rooms over look the gardens

21 In-Patient Unit Provides:- -respite care -end of life care

22 In-Patient Unit Provides:- -symptom control -pain management

23 In-Patient Unit Care is provided by a multi-disciplinary team of:- doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, therapists and other specialist staff

24 In-Patient Unit Visitors are welcome at anytime

25 The conservatory on the inpatient unit overlooks the gardens

26 In-Patient Unit bathing facilities have jacuzzi features

27 In-Patient Unit bathing facilities are suitable for people with restricted mobility

28 In-Patient Unit -28 beds -24 hour care -365 days a year

29 Volunteers are trained to assist the clinical staff and they undertake a wide variety of tasks.

30 Families can stay overnight in either of our two twin or double family rooms.

31 Spiritual Care Our chapel welcomes people of all faiths and none

32 The stained-glass window in the chapel is Christian, but everyone is welcome to use the space

33 We recognise that each patient may have a spiritual dimension to their life and this does not have to be defined as a religious belief we are here to listen.

34 Our catering team meet all of the hospitality needs of the Hospice around the clock 365 days a year.

35 Meeting each patients’ nutritional and dietary needs is an important part of the care we provide.

36 The facilities and administration staff work behind the scenes ensuring that the care we give is of the highest level

37 Hospice at Home Provides terminal care to patients who are in the final stages of their illness, enabling them to spend their last days at home.

38 Hospice at Home The Team Comprises of :- Team Leader Registered Nurses Nursing Assistants

39 Hospice at Home Care Includes:- Bathing, wound care, managing pressure areas, oral care, toileting, maintenance of PEG feeds, maintaining medicinal dispensing & listening to you and your family

40 Social Work The experienced team have specialist knowledge of palliative care so that they can really help patients and carers.




44 “Palliative care is the total care of patients whose disease no longer responds to curative treatment and for whom the aim must be the best quality of life for them and their families” - World health organisation


46 Douglas Macmillan Hospice providing each patient with the individual care needed to promote and maintain the best quality of life for as long as possible.



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