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A quick look at the super-continent!

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1 A quick look at the super-continent!
What is Pangaea? A quick look at the super-continent!

2 What do YOU know?? (Students, tell me now!) 

3 Set Up Your Note Sheet: What is Pangaea? Who? What? How? Why?

4 Pangaea Alfred Wegener ( ) first proposed the theory of Continental Drift, which states that the Earth's continents float on a more dense layer of rock He hypothesized that there was an original, gigantic super-continent 300 million years ago, which he named Pangaea (greek for “all earth/land”).

5 Talk to your neighbor! What did you write in your notes??

6 What are the names of the land pieces that made up Pangaea?
Eur-Asia North America South America Africa India Australia Antarctica

7 Talked to your neighbor..
What have you learned so far? What did you already know?

8 HOW do we know Pangaea existed? (Anyone?)
Hint: Look at your Puzzle you completed yesterday!

9 Scientific Evidence! Fossil Evidence - There are similar fossil remains found on more than one continent. Climate evidence – organisms that couldn’t live in certain present-day areas have had their fossils found there! Land evidence – coal mines, mountain ranges, etc.

10 More Scientific Evidence
Land Features Mountain Ranges line up on different continents. European coal fields match up with North American coal fields. Climate Scratches in rocks show that glaciers covered Africa….so it must have been closer to the poles. Cold Arctic Islands have fossils from warm climate animals…so it must have been near the equator.

11 Talk to your table… What have you written in your notes?

12 Is Continental Drift REAL?
Pangaea IS, but Continental Drift is NOT! Scientists do not accept Wegener’s Theory (continents do NOT float on more dense rock!). BUT, the theory of PLATE TECTONICS is real and accepted by scientists!

13 What happened to Pangaea?
Over time the plates began to move apart. This was caused by convection currents in the asthenosphere.

14 Connections??? What is the connection between density and Pangaea??

15 STOP! Lets create Pangaea notecards!

16 STOP! And Read! Text book pages

17 So, what is Plate Tectonics?
Lets read the article & take Cornell Notes! Then we can complete Cornell notes and then a venn diagram!

18 Theory of Continental Drift vs Theory of Plate Tectonics

19 Venn Diagram Plate Tectonics Continental Drift

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