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My name is Alice I’m 18 years old. I’m on the train on my way to work Today’s the big day……

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3 My name is Alice I’m 18 years old.

4 I’m on the train on my way to work Today’s the big day……

5 I know this probably sounds silly but ever since I’ve started working at Apple my life has got a lot better We now live in Edinburgh Scotland and I hope we stay here


7 That’s John’s room,he is moving out soon. Ming says it’s for the best. I don’t agree….. I think she will miss him, Even if she doesn’t show it.

8 This is my room. The living room … Our busy kitchen… The stylish bathroom.

9 I’m outside the store now, I so hope I get this promotion. As I walk in I’m chanting…. App Designer!! Everything must go right today… I find out if I’ve got the job at the end of the day.

10 A few hours later…. Before I go into my boss’s office to find out if I got the promotion, I have to close up the shop.

11 I’m walking to the front of the store Two men have just walked in… I tell them that we’re closed. One has something behind his back….. I’m starting to get nervous…

12 He lifts up his hand… He has a baseball bat… I open my eyes.. My head is aching… Where am I? Within a few minutes I realise I am moving.. I must be in a van … I’m lying on a load of old rubbish It’s really uncomfortable

13 I won’t get the promotion now that I’ve not shown up… Mum and Dad won’t miss me.. They don’t pay attention to me, now that Dad is moving out. The door opens… They drag me out the van.. I have no idea where I am.. I can’t see the sun has blinded me.. Inside the van was so dark..

14 I am being dragged up some stairs They drag me up some stairs.. They put me in a dark room… They tell me to stay here or else….. I’m scared now… There’s a window in the room.. But it’s all boarded up… I’m going to try and pull the boards off.. I hope I will see something that will tell me where I am…

15 I manage to pull all the boards off… And there is light shining through…

16 I’ll have to find another way to open the lock… I look around the room… I see a pile of keys and wood in the corner…. All the keys are different sizes… I don’t know what key to choose…

17 I remember my childhood friend Brad He would know which key to choose…

18 ?

19 Oh no it doesn’t fit…


21 I jump with joy!! I crawl out the window onto the steps… I climb down the ladders… I then realise I had my phone on me the whole time…..

22 I see a street sign … And call the police… 999

23 They are here within minutes….

24 They get the kidnappers… And drive me to work....

25 My boss totally understood… I got my dream job as an app designer. I feel like I’m on top of the world!!!!

26 Catherine McGurk Morgan Perrie

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