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Aspiring Academics Workshop Thursday 20 May 2010 King’s College, London.

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1 Aspiring Academics Workshop Thursday 20 May 2010 King’s College, London

2 Welcome and introduction Introductions Housekeeping matters A few words about the Subject Centre Programme for the day

3 Introduction to the Subject Centre The Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies ▫ Supporting teachers and learners in Philosophical and Religious Studies in higher education across the UK We work with and for academics and students, to provide subject specific support for the learning and teaching of: ▫ Philosophy ▫ Religious Studies ▫ Theology ▫ Biblical Studies ▫ History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine

4 Subject Centre for PRS: who we are The Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies (PRS) is part of a UK network of 24 Subject Centres ▫ Each Subject Centre provides subject-specific support to their own disciplines The Subject Centre (SC) network is part of the Higher Education Academy: ▫ Subject Centre staff are PRS academics with a range of research and teaching expertise

5 Subject Centre for PRS: what we do Facilitate the sharing of expertise ▫ Events ▫ Publications ▫ Our website: Support new developments and initiatives ▫ Grants for pedagogic research and development projects ▫ Doctoral ‘training’ and professional development ▫ Enhancing learning through technology (e.g.) Provide a ‘voice’ for PRS disciplines in policy developments affecting UK higher education

6 Subject Centre events Biannual one-day workshop for ‘aspiring academics’ Other topical events and conferences ▫ Teaching Philosophical and Religious Studies ‘Beyond Boundaries’ (9 June, Birmingham) ▫ Courting Controversy? Teaching Theology and Religious Studies in the 21 st Century (8-9 July, Leeds) ▫ Philosophy and Public Policy: Making an Impact (seminar series 2010/11, King’s College London) Discipline-specific colloquia Perspectives on Islamic Studies in Higher Education (25-26 May, Birmingham) Departmental workshops, contributions to other events

7 Subject Centre publications Journal ▫ Discourse: Learning and Teaching in Philosophical and Religious Studies Learning and teaching guides ▫ Where Next? Unlocking the Potential of your [Philosophy / Theology and Religious Studies] Degree (2 nd edition, 2009) ▫ Approaches to Ethics in Higher Education: Teaching Ethics Across the Curriculum (2004) ▫ Faith Guides for Higher Education (series) Doing Philosophy: A Practical Guide for Students (2008)

8 Funding opportunities Subject Centre grants for pedagogic research and development projects ▫ 140 projects funded since 2000 ▫ 2008/9: dedicated funding to support research 'training' and professional development for doctoral students in PRS – five projects funded, totalling £12,000 ▫ £25,000 currently available (max. £4,000 per project), deadline 1 June 2010 ▫ Further funding to be made available in 2010/11 Information about other funding opportunities

9 Other projects and initiatives Education for sustainable development Employability, entrepreneurship and ‘employer engagement’ ▫ Working with Values: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Workplace and Higher Education HumBox: ‘An inspiring collection of free humanities teaching resources’ ▫ www.humbox.

10 Our ‘aspiring academics’ programme Biannual workshops SC-funded professional development initiatives Regional discipline-specific networks Subject-specific resources for doctoral students Links to other sources of information and support

11 ‘Aspiring Academics’: programme Panel: Views of the 21 st century academic landscape ▫ Helen Beebee (Philosophy), University of Birmingham ▫ Michael DeLashmutt (Theology and Religion), University of Exeter ▫ David Mossley (History and Philosophy of Science), Higher Education Academy Workshop: curriculum design ▫ David Mossley Workshop: making the most of conferences ▫ Rebecca O’Loughlin (Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies) Plenary: Q & A session

12 Making the most of the day What will you take away from this workshop? ▫ Opportunities for you to set the agenda ▫ Sharing experiences ▫ Action planning

13 Other sources of help and support Centre for Excellence in Preparing for Academic Practice (University of Oxford) ▫ Research and practical tools supporting early career academics Vitae (funded by Research Councils UK) ▫ Includes a series of regional ‘hubs’ ▫ Note: Each HE institution also offers its own RCUK-funded support Intute: Humanities (funded by AHRC and JISC) ▫ Gateway for internet resources relevant to HE research and education Centre for Career Management Skills (University of Reading) ▫ Includes ‘Beyond the PhD’ for arts and humanities researchers

14 Thank you for taking part! Any further questions or suggestions? Contact us: Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies ▫ Rebecca O’Loughlin (Theology, Religious Studies, Biblical Studies)   ▫ Clare Saunders (Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science)   ▫  0113 343 1166 (Rebecca and Clare) ▫

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