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The Public Service Compact Mickey Burke Skills Development Manager (Director: Public Service Compact)

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1 The Public Service Compact Mickey Burke Skills Development Manager (Director: Public Service Compact)

2 The largest sector in terms of employment (27%) Currently 640,000 employed in the sector 50,000 new jobs will be created over next 10 years A further 250,000 recruits needed to cover replacement demand 19% (120,000) not qualified to level 2 32,000 have no qualifications Context (1):

3 Poor track record of employing young people 6% of employees are under 25 Only 5% of apprenticeships are in Public Service By 2015 less than 40% of jobs will be in occupations not requiring higher level skills Sector has high potential for bringing workless people into employment Context (2)

4 Compact History & Expansion: Original membership with a focus upon Birmingham & Solihull Launched in 2004 with 5 members Review / Relaunch in 2006 with 38 members (LAs, PCTs, V&C, FE, HEIs uniform services) National acclaim and International recognition City Region Compact: 8 x City Region Local Authorities Shire Network Compact: 5 x Shire Local Authorities Civil Service West Midlands: Driven by Cabinet office

5 Reasons for Success? 1.Clear sign up process 2.Securing ‘buy in’ 3.Charter 4.Operational Plan 5.Robust Partnership Structure 6.Deliver the benefits…..

6 The Public Service Compact is underpinned by 10 Core Principles outlined in the Charter 1.To raise the profile of the Public Service Sector 2.To increase the number of young people entering and remaining in the sector 3.To support the objectives of the City Strategy through working in partnership with Employer Skills Boards (ESB) to “gain clear commitment to baselining of employment rates in the target wards and set clear targets for increases in recruitment from City Strategy target groups” 4.To support the Birmingham Floor Target Improvement Plan for Worklessness through directly and indirectly contributing to the outcomes detailed within the Employment and Skills Delivery Plan. 5.To improve accessibility to, and retention in, careers within the Public Service Sector for priority groups from key target wards 6.To develop appropriate training and development opportunities for existing employees within the sector 7.To identify clear progression routes within and between key public service organisations 8.To support Public Service employers in addressing inequalities in employment and to promote and embed diversity across the workforce 9.To identify needs across Public Service sub sectors including Skills for Life, e-skills and disability 10.To identify, build upon and share good practice across the sector

7 PSC HR Group Communications & Marketing Apprenticeship Provider Forum Skills & Workforce Planning Public Service Compact Full Membership PSC Strategic Core Group Public Service Compact Team PSC Chair: - Chief Executive BEN PCT - B’ham Strategic Partnership - Employer Skills Board

8 Supporting Wider Policy Drivers & Priorities Supports implementation of Skills Challenge Skills Pledge & Local Employment Partnerships Leitch Skills Agenda – Demand Led Workforce Development: Increasing skills and promoting Train to Gain Apprenticeships: Growth and Innovation, e.g., Adult Apprenticeships Skills for Life Diversity in the current and future workforce Leadership and Management Provide networking opportunities – “communities of learning” Promoting best practice (learning from poor practice!)

9 Services and Benefits :  Integrated Employment & Skills Approaches (JCP & WMB)  Signposting and Information Websites  P.S. – e-bulletin (supporting communication across the membership)  Joint events and training workshops  Diploma in Public Service Leadership  Level 3 in Public Service Management  Apprenticeship in Public Service {Administration}  Workforce Profiling Toolkit  Link-Up + Learn (Cross Sector Development Opportunities)  Competency Frameworks  Mentoring  Bespoke Skills for Life offer  Websites  Young Peoples Perceptions DVD  Careers in Public Service DVD  Aim Higher Citizenship in development  …..”communities of learning”

10 The Future.. “I’m challenging public service employers across the West midlands to light a spark. To lead the way in the transformation of our regions skills base” “ Skills is our number one challenge for the long term. So there is no reason why our public services should not be at the forefront of our ambitions to change. The challenges is set. There is a clear message to our region’s' public service leaders today. The West Midlands expects” West Midlands Minister: Liam Byrne

11 A challenge to all public service employers with a commitment over the next 3 years: Up Skill the workforce to a minimum of level 2 Tackle the basic skills needs of employees Prioritise the recruitment of local people from the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods Increasing the number of young people employed in the sector The Public Service Skills Challenge (1):

12 75,000 public service employees upskilled to level 2 –Improving public service productivity and service delivery –Contribution to Level 2 Leitch targets –Closing skills gap Increase in under 25’s employed by 25% including 8,000 new apprenticeships –Reducing NEET, Increasing apprenticeship take up Recruit 10,000 local unemployed people into PS –Reducing worklessness –Contribution to Local Area Agreement priorities & targets Skills Challenge (2) Targets by 2010

13 WM Brokerage and JCP National Sales Team Train to gain –skills for life, NVQ’s, and Skills Pledge Apprenticeships and adult apprenticeships Job Centre + customised recruitment programmes through Local Employment Partnerships (LEP) Bespoke pre recruitment programmes Matching prospective recruits and employer skills requirements New Deal and work trials for long term unemployed Skills Challenge (3) Integrated offer

14 Summary Collaborative partnership Formal and robust partnership structures Endorsement at Board and Senior Executive level Breadth of employers engaged Substantial progress in just over 3 years Contributes to / supports key strategic drivers Delivers operationally ‘on the ground’ to support the worklessness and skills agenda through… Innovative and collaborative approaches to recruitment and workforce development

15 Contacts: Email: Mickey Burke: Skills Development Manager

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