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‘Years 10 & 11 Exams & Assessment’ Bill Fraser - Exam Officer Linda Smith – Exam & Assessment Manager 19 th September 2012 Year 10 Parents.

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1 ‘Years 10 & 11 Exams & Assessment’ Bill Fraser - Exam Officer Linda Smith – Exam & Assessment Manager 19 th September 2012 Year 10 Parents

2 Exam Office Staff Parents Students Awarding Bodies

3 Types of Courses ‘Academic - GCSE’ Examined Units (externally set and marked). & Controlled Assessment (Teacher assessed) ‘Vocational’ Teacher assessed units throughout course All GCSE subjects. (except Maths & RE which are exams only) ASDAN, BTEC’s, Digital Applications, VTCT Principal Learning.

4 GCSE Courses All exam units sat end of Year 11 (ex. Science & Media Studies) Consist of 2 – 4 units Weighting not necessarily equal Dates & start times of examined units set by. Awarding Bodies – Not flexible.

5 Year 10 Year 11 2013 2014 SubjectJanuaryMay / June Art & Design x 1 Exam Business Studies x 2 Exams Child Development x 1 Exam Drama x 1 Exam Dance x 2 Exams DT Food Tech x 1 Exam DT Graphic Products x 1 Exam DT Resistant Mats x 1 Exam DT Textiles x 1 Exam English x 1 Exam English Lang x 1 Exam English Literature x 2 Exam Film Studies x 2 Exam French x 2 Exam Geography x 3 Exam History x 3 Exam Maths x 2 Exam Media Studiesx 1 Exam Music x 1 Exam Physical Education x 1 Exam Religious Studies x 2 Exam Science: Core(some) x1 Exam (all) x 2 or 3 Exams Science: Additional x 3 Exam Biol / Chem / Physx 3 Exams x 6 Exam Spanish x 2 Exam GCSE Exam Schedule 2012-14

6 GCSE Courses Controlled Assessment. Units Schedule determined by Departments. Done in class time – varied ‘levels of control’ Number, nature and length of tasks varies. between subjects. Weighting: 25% - 60% of overall mark Majority internally marked then externally. moderated.

7 2012 Year 10 2013 Year 11 2014 Autumn Spring Summer Autumn Spring Summer Subject % Term Art & Design60 Business Studies25 Child Development60 Drama60 Dance60 DT Food Tech60 DT Graphics60 DT Resistant Mats60 DT Textiles60 English60 English Literature25 Film Studies50 French60 Geography25 History25 Maths0 Media Studies60 Music60 Physical Education60 Religious Studies0 Science: Core25 Science: Additional25 Biol/Chem/Phys25 Spanish60 GCSE Controlled Assessment Schedule 2012-14 A very busy two years -Attendance is vital!

8 Vocational Courses Varied numbers of Units / Portfolios Varied nature, length, weighting. Completed over duration of course. Internally assessed. Externally moderated Attendance is vital!

9 Award ‘currency’ Achievements not reported in same way! Most courses are Level 2. (national standard for Key Stage 4) Most courses given a ‘GCSE equivalence’

10 Award ‘currency’ Single Award Subjects – worth one Grade Double Award Subjects – worth two Grades Grades: D, E, F, G, U GCSE A*, A, B, C, = ‘Pass’

11 Vocational Courses Awards & GCSE ‘grade equivalence’ Certificate in... = 1 x GCSE Diploma in... = 4 x GCSE Distinction. plus Distinction Merit Pass Level 1 D E F Level 2 A* A B C Award ‘currency’ Extended Certificate in... = 2 x GCSE BTEC

12 Digital Applications Awards & GCSE grade equivalence DiDA (Diploma) = 4 x GCSE Distinction Merit Credit Pass Level 1 C D E F/G Level 2 A* A B C CiDA (Certificate) = 2 x GCSE Extended CiDA (Extended Certificate) = 3 x GCSE AiDA (Award) = 1 x GCSE Award ‘currency’ Vocational Courses

13 Principal Learning Level 2 GCSE grade equivalence Award ‘currency’ Vocational Courses Hair & Beauty Studies = 4 x GCSE grade A* - E

14 Available November 2014 Collected by candidate – not posted Results & Certificates Results Day : 3 rd Thursday in August 2014 Certificates:

15 You’re kidding! You count GCSE’s? keep them safe! You never know when you will need them!

16 Students need to understand: what happens when it happens what they have to do. Failure to complete their part may result in: Not being entered for an exam Being entered for the wrong subject/tier/option Wrong personal details on final certificates Procedures & Practices Missing an exam!

17 Procedures & Practices Learning Platform & Academy Website ‘Key Stage 4 - Exam Guide’ Very important these are understood and followed via Assemblies

18 Personal Problems? Special Arrangements Special Consideration Things that are known in advance and for which arrangements can be made. Allowances in marking for things that happen during exams. Exam Office needs to be informed immediately and evidence provided.

19 Internal Assessment System 3 Reviews per Year Potential = grade calculated from KS3 SATS Estimated = what grade tutor expects at end of. course (based on performance) + Attitude and Homework Year 10 Nov March May June Year 11 Oct Jan April February Parents Evening

20 For queries about Exams & Assessment procedures contact Mrs Smith or Mr Fraser in the Exam Office.

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