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Search and Apply for Courses and Training in Leeds.

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1 Search and Apply for Courses and Training in Leeds

2 Search – Look for courses and training Apply – Apply for your post-16 choices online

3 Look at the Leeds Pathways home page first to see all the options you have…Leeds Pathways

4 Look for courses and training… Follow the 5 simple steps to applying… On the ‘Post-16 full-time courses page’ click on ‘Where you can learn in Leeds’ and choose a school, college or provider to look at. If you want to see everything available: visit to start a general search If you know where you want to go: Go to click on ‘Courses’

5 5 simple steps to Search and Apply

6 Step 1:Search Go to the Search page and follow these steps: 1.Enter your postcode, city or area 2.How far away do you want to search? 3.Are you looking for pre-16 or post-16 courses? 4.If you know the name of the school, college or training provider, enter it here 5.If you know the subject you’re interested in, enter it here

7 Step 1:Search (cont) You can view results by courses or by provider or on a map Once you find a course or provider that you like, you can add them as favourites to your profile. You will need to log in to save favourites. You can also:

8 Step 1:Search (cont) Log in to save favourites and complete your profile If you don’t have a login, speak to your teacher or adviser in school Once you have logged into UCAS Progress you can: Save the courses and providers you are interested in as favourites Complete your personal profile Apply for your chosen courses

9 Step 2:Favourites To save favourites: Click on ‘Add to favourites’ Add schools, colleges and other providers as favourites…..and courses too Click on the ‘Favourites’ tab to see your list A ‘favourite’ is something you have saved so you can find it again quickly.

10 Step 3: Profile Before you can send an application, you have to complete your personal profile. This becomes part of your application. You can use the profile in all your applications. Click on the ‘Profile’ tab to get started. Make sure that you complete all of the sections under each of the tabs…

11 Step 4:Making an application Once you have saved your favourites and completed your profile, you can make your application. Click on the Applications tab and choose ‘Start a new application’…..

12 Step 4:Making an application (cont) c) And then put the courses in your order of choice a) Choose the Provider you want to apply to b). Tick all the courses you’d like to apply for

13 Step 4:Making an application (cont) d) You can now submit your application e) Agree to share your information f) Watch your application go through the next stages

14 Step 4:Making an application (cont) The next step is for the provider to acknowledge your application. Remember to Look out for messages

15 Step 5:Replying to offers You can see on the system when anything changes with your application. You can accept as many offers as you would like, but we recommend you accept no more than three. Remember to keep checking to see if you have any messages and to reply to offers Click ‘View’ to see details of your offer

16 Conditional offers A provider can send you a conditional offer. This means that there are some conditions you have to meet, e.g. you may need to get 5 GCSE grades A to C, including Maths and English, to get a place. Step 5:Replying to offers (cont) You can accept the offer Reject the offer Or withdraw the application

17 Once you have accepted the offer your application status will look like this: Step 5:Replying to offers (cont) If you have any questions about your application, you can send a message to the provider

18 Step 5:Replying to offers (cont) Alternative offer: You might decide with a provider that you should apply for a different course. The provider will then send you an Alternative offer which shows you the changes. You can accept the offer Reject the offer Or withdraw the application

19 What happens next? Accepting the offer and enrolment: Once you have accepted the offer and started, the provider will change the status of your application to ‘Enrolled’.

20 Learner Manager ‘Dashboard’ View

21 Learner Manager – ‘Manage Learners’ View

22 Leeds Pathways Helpdesk Email or phone 07545 603983 Or ‘Contact Us’ through by completing the contact form on the website

23 If you get stuck and can’t remember your password, click on ‘Forgotten your password?’ Still need help or locked out of your account?… Go and ask the person in school who can get you back online. Find out now who this is!

24 1.Make sure you keep your username and password secure. 2. Complete your application at your own pace. You can do a little at a time or everything in one go. 3.Save your application and make sure it looks good. Ask for feedback from someone you trust. 4. Submit your application by the deadline you are given and wait for the provider to contact you 5. Don’t forget to check for ‘messages’ that the provider may send you on the system Application Tips

25 Keeping your information safe The Leeds Pathways website is run by Children’s Services in Leeds City Council. When you complete your personal profile, the information about you is only seen by a few people. These are : some members of your school staff (like your careers co-ordinator, head of year and form tutor) your personal adviser (if you have one) system administrators. Once you have applied, your information is visible to the school, college or other learning provider you have applied to. Click hereClick here for more information. Always make sure you choose a secure password including capital letters, numbers and symbols

26 Now go and get started! …and let us know what you think – use the ‘Contact Us’ tab to give us feedbackContact Us

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