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“”Each Man is an Island”

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1 “”Each Man is an Island”
By: Fr. Joseph A. Galdon, S.J.

2 Fr. Joseph A. Galdon, S.J. - Fr. used to write a weekly column, The Mustard Seed, in the Manila Chronicle. "Speaking in his very gentle and convincing way, Fr. Galdon shows his readers how to see God and converse with Him in even the most mundane situations. Fr. Galdon infects us to see God and to reach out to Him from the most mundane of our day... Fr. Galdon suggests that everything and everyone should inspire us to ask for God''s blessing." - Dolly T. Dy

3 James Baldwin “Each one of us is an island unto himself, and the bridges that lead to other people have been destroyed by conflicts of race, sex, and self-interest”.

4 by the problems of law & order By mistrust of government officers
MAN MAN MAN MAN SEX SELF-INTEREST CONFLICTS OF RACE Threaten by others by the problems of law & order By mistrust of government officers Afraid to walk of streets at night

5 Many do not have enough to eat.
Problem Cannot educate their own child. Cannot plan for a good tomorrow. A man could grow if somebody needs him. We need each other to grow. Hug it with our hearts but never share it who is really hungry for it. a wall that we build around our house and the shards of glass we put on top of the wall. Tragedy of Life:

6 . . . Says . . .… Simon & Garfunkel: “I am a rock”
“I am an island. I build walls that none may penetrate. Saint James: “ If one of the brother or one sister is in need of clothes and has not enough food to live on, and one of you says to him: ‘I wish you well.’ ‘ Keep yourself warm and eat plenty,’ without giving him this necessities of life, then what good is that?”

7 There is something we can do. We can build bridges
There is something we can do. We can build bridges. There is a gift that all of us can give, no matter how poor in money or in talent: hold out your hand and let your heart be in it. -Fr. Joseph Galdon, S.J.

8 Reporter: Anniephil Joy P. Pleto IV-BOYLE

9 Mrs. Reena Orquina English Adviser

10 Sources: English Expessway (textbook)

11 Activity 1 Comprehension Check
What’s the difference between the saying “No man is an island” and “ Each of Man is an Island, based on your understanding. How is the word bridge described by James Baldwin? Why do you think that man is compared to an island?

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