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The Social Learning Theory of Aggression Miss Minaker.

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1 The Social Learning Theory of Aggression Miss Minaker

2 Social Learning Theory Social learning is learning through observation, imitation and modelling or another person or role model.

3 Who do you look up to? Who is your role model? Have you ever observed a behaviour that you have then copied?

4 Social Learning Theory According the Bandura, there are 4 processes involved with Social Learning Attention Retention Reproduction Motivation Mnemonic?

5 Example Jane dyes her hair pink because her favourite celebrity has done so. ▫ First Jane paid attention to what the celebrity had done ▫ Jane then retained this information ▫ Jane was capable of reproducing the behaviour of dying her hair ▫ Jane was motivated to dye her hair pink and did so

6 Factors involved in SLT The more similar the role model is to the observer, the more likely that the behaviour will be imitated ▫ Same gender ▫ Same age Also, if the role model is seen in a positive light ▫ High status ▫ Likeable

7 Vicarious Learning Come up with an example for each of the following: Vicarious reinforcement Vicarious punishment Vicarious extinction

8 Social Learning Theory With the people around you, discuss how this theory could be applied to aggression Using the 4 stages, how could a little girl imitate her older sister’s aggressive behaviour? What other factors may have influenced her?

9 Evidence for social learning theory Write up experiment

10 Other evidence Speed date!

11 Evaluation of SLT of aggression (pg 28-33) How does the evidence presented support/contradict the theory? Are there alternative explanations? (pg 32)

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