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Confidential Information Disclosure Movable Storage · Email Instant Message · P2P Dialup · Printout Security Challenge of Computerized Corporation Stealing.

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2 Confidential Information Disclosure Movable Storage · Email Instant Message · P2P Dialup · Printout Security Challenge of Computerized Corporation Stealing Information Spy ware Illegal Access Hacker tools Potential Security Risks System patches and vulnerabilities Virus Malice delete and changes Core Product Design Key Customer Information Sensitive Financial Information

3 Drawbacks of Information Technology Play games · Trade Stocks · Chat Online Browse Web Pages · Print Personal Stuffs Online Movies · Radio · Download Music Cannot Track Computer Assets Changes Administrator Faces Heavy Workload Cannot Troubleshoot Remote Computer

4 IP-guard Core Value IP-guard Desktop Management System Protect Information Limit Activities Plan Resources Control Information

5 Different Modules Suit for Different Corporations Needs Document Operation Management E-Mail Management Bandwidth Management Network Control Printing Management Application Management Instant Message Management Asset Management Device Management Screen Snapshots Remote Maintenance Website Management Removable Storage Management

6 Document Operation Management Document Operation Logs Record document operations including create, access, Edit, Copy, Move, Delete Record document operations on movable storages and network paths Record document operations of other computers on documents in local shares Document Policy Control access of key documents Prevent illegal copy to movable storages and network Backup important document after edit or delete

7 Removable Storage Management Removable Storage device File/Full Disk Encryption / Decryption Removable Storage devices Authorization uses only the authorized devices can encrypt and decrypt the files computers without authorization cannot open the encrypted file properly

8 Application Management Application logs and statistic Record application startup and shut down Record window changes and title changes to track computer usage Application statistic to estimate staffs efficiency Application Policy Stop games and chat programs Stop malice programs

9 Website Management Web Statistic Summarized types of website visited to estimate Internet usage Web Logs Record website URL and title in detail Web Policy Block websites irrelevant to work Block websites with harmful messages

10 EMail Management EMail Record Record normal email, webmail, exchange, and Lotus Notes mail. Record complete email message and attachments EMail Policy Limit sender accounts Block specific recipients Block email with attachment of specific file name or exceed certain size

11 Instant Message Management Instant Message Record Record full content of the IM session IM File Policy Limit outgoing file name or file type Limit outgoing file size Backup outgoing files Instant message

12 Printing Management Print Logs Record information on printing application, printer, user and document name Record pages printed to estimate usage Printing Policy Block Illegal application from printing Block printing on specific printer Backup printed out document in JPEG format

13 Screen Snapshot Real Time Monitoring View agent screen in real time Support multi-monitors Multi-screen function to view several computer at one time Snapshot History Completely record screen history for future analyze Set different snapshot frequency on different application to focus on some sensitive information Optimized storage by compression

14 Device Management Storage Control Control usage of storage (Floppy· CD· USB· Movable storage· Memory card...) Communication Device Control Control data transfer to external ports or devices (Serial port· Parallel port· MODEM· Infrared· Bluetooth· Direct connection· Dialup) Other Device Control Control USB devices, Wireless card, or other new devices.

15 Network Control Network Communication Control Provide firewall functions to control communication of specific address and port Eliminate the use of specific port and communicate with unauthorized computers IP/MAC Binding Prevent users from changing network setting Intrusion Detection Scan the whole network and prevent illegal access to the network

16 Bandwidth Management Network Traffic Statistic Show network traffic statistic by IP Show network traffic statistic by ports Analyze data in specific time zone Network Traffic Policy Assign different bandwidth to different IP and ports Prevent BT P2P network media, and download tools to use up network resources

17 Asset Management Manage Hardware and Software Complete hardware and software information Detail asset change history Self defined properties to add additional information to the asset Self defined asset to add non-computer assets for standardize management

18 Remote Maintenance Real Time Maintenance View agents system messages in real time Remote diagnostic agents problems and check system status Remote Control Easy assist users and demonstrate system operation to users Remote File Transfer Remote file transfer help administrators to collect and update files more efficiently

19 IP-guard Multi- Language Easy Management Flexible Policy Classes System Support Multi- Language for multi-national corporation Can be managed by computer or by user. Each with multi-level grouping and audit trail Policies are set with combination of group inherited policy, normal policy, and offline policy Custom defined classes to be used throughout the system

20 Information Security Solution & Behavior Management Solution Monitor and control computer usage of employees. Plan network resources accordingly to ensure company resources are effectively used. Confidential information such as source codes, chemical formulas, and design blue prints are saved in documents. Therefore, document security is the core of information security.

21 Basic Architecture Server Module Console Module Agent Module

22 Common System Architecture Deployment

23 Minimum Requirement Agent Module Pentium III 500 128MB Memory 1G HDD OS Win NT4 Win2000 / XP Win2003 / Vista / Win 7 Server Module Pentium 4 2G 512MB Memory 200GB HDD OS Win2000 SP4 / XP SP2 Win2003 SP1 / Win 2008 Database SQL Server 2000 SP4 / 2005 SP1 / MSDE / 2005 /2008R2(Express) Console Module Pentium III 1G 256MB Memory 4G HDD OS Win2000 / XP Win2003 / Vista / Win 7

24 Major Clients in Government & Related Organization Independent Commission Against Corruption Hong Kong Jewellery and Jade Manufacturers Association The Treasury The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

25 Major Clients in Hong Kong

26 John Manufacturing LtdDefond Group IDT International Limited Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited VTech Holdings Ltd China Aerospace International Holdings Ltd. Kowloon Engineering Ltd. GAM Hong Kong Limited NAM TAI ELECTRONIC & ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS LIMITED

27 Major Clients in China China Mobile Ltd. China Telecom Corporation Limited China Unicom Petro China Company Limited Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC)

28 Major Clients in China Kao (China) Holding Company Ltd. LIBY Group Co. Ltd. Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

29 Major Clients in China Shanghai Metersbonwe Fashion and Accessories Co.,Ltd Beyond Home Textile

30 Thank You Thank you for your interest and support to our product You are welcome to raise any suggestions Contact email:

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