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Curriculum Vitae.

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1 Curriculum Vitae

2 What’s a CV? Curricula vitae
Latin “course of life” Used for international, professional, or academic positions Used for application purposes as well as means for introducing invited speakers

3 How is a CV different than a Resume?
Longer (2+ pages) Content Summary of academic, teaching, research, publications, honors, and service Purpose Career biography

4 Contents of a Standard CV
Contact information Professional objective Professional licenses and certifications Education Work experience Clinical rotation experiences Presentations Publications Research experience Scholarly activities Awards and honors Grants Professional memberships Community service activities References

5 Contents of Standard CV
Complete contact information Use permanent mailing address Consider including campus address, but indicate which is permanent mailing address Include your address Professional objective The more specific the better Taylor to each position you target Residency versus clinical position

6 Contents of Standard CV
Professional licenses/certifications Include licensure/certification numbers Education Degree completion dates Major Institution attended Work experience Title of position, dates of employment Name of institution, location Description of experience, responsibilities, and achievements

7 Contents of Standard CV
Clinical rotation experiences As student list clerkship experiences similar to work experiences List rotation site, preceptor, short description of activities Presentations List titles, audience, dates Include academic presentations to highlight communication skills

8 Contents of Standard CVs
Publications/Posters List all publications Include newsletters, case reports, original research Research experiences List any research experiences (lab technician, data collection experience) Describe research skills developed Scholarly activities List involvement in special projects and activities Examples: DUE projects, data collection role in study, experiences in projects on rotations

9 Contents of Standard CV
Awards and honors List specific awards, scholarships, recognitions Grants List grant (submitted and funded), funding source, amount, dates Professional memberships List membership in organizations Leadership positions held and committee involvement (dates)

10 Contents of Standard CVs
Community service activities List/describe volunteer and community service activities Activities with student organizations CAP projects References Generally provided separately Ask before listing someone as reference Available upon request

11 Different Versions of CVs
Professional objective tailored to the position Prioritize key experiences important for the position to be presented early within CV

12 Stylistic Considerations
Order of contents of CV should reflect individuals strengths and take into consideration experiences necessary for the position Use action words when describing experiences Reverse chronological order Standard 8 ½ X 11 inch bond paper Single side printing, preferably laser Conservative, size font throughout Avoid excessive lines, graphics, shading, etc

13 Important “Cs” of CVs Clear Concise Complete Consistent Current
Well-organized, content flows well Concise Include relevant and necessary information Complete Includes everything you need to show qualifications Consistent Use consistent design, fonts, layout Current Keep up to date, update at least annually

14 Important “Don’ts” for CVs
Spelling or grammatical errors Proof, proof, proof then proof again!! Have numerous people review Difficult to read fonts/small font size Minimal 12 pt font, laser printer Standard fonts preferred Think conservative Cheap paper White, cream, gray bond paper

15 Important “Don’ts” for CVs
Folding, stapling Send in large envelope to companies Consider inserting header (upper right corner) with name “Mass” mailing “to whom it may concern” Target specific individual within a company Weak objective/philosophy Lack cover letter First thing that is seen; need strong letter

16 Cover Letters Often more important than CV when mailing information for a position Need to make your letter unique to stand out from the rest Creative/unique letters Show that you have researched the position and/or institution/company Refer to connections that you might have Faculty members, residents

17 Cover Letters Cover letters should be addressed to a specific individual Verify correct name spelling, title First paragraph State interest in the position Include several sentences which indicate interest in position and qualifications “After spending a great deal of time working as an intern in a Children’s Hospital, I was interested to learn about the position for a clinical pharmacist at Children Are Us Hospital.”

18 Cover Letters Second/third paragraph Closing statement
Refer to CV enclosed and highlight experiences that prepare you for the position Personalize the qualities listed on CV pertinent to the position “The most enjoyable experiences I have had during my clerkships occurred during my Pediatrics rotation. Seeing the smile and sense of accomplishment on the face of the 5 year old newly diagnosed diabetic whom I taught insulin injection technique . . .” Closing statement List contact information if any questions, enthusiasm for position, offer to provide any additional information

19 Follow-up/Thank You Letters
Decisions for second interviews/hiring may be influenced by your follow-up after an interview Just as important for positions no longer interested in pursuing Thank for time “I appreciate the time you spent with me discussing the position, however the position does not meet my career goals at this time. . .”

20 Follow-Up/Thank You Letters
Address letter to specific individual(s) Verify correct name spelling, title, etc Avoid generic letters Make unique by referring to discussions/experiences during interview Timeliness Within 1 week of interview

21 Follow-Up/Thank You Letters
First paragraph Indicate reason for letter/appreciation for interviewers time “Thank you for taking the time to meet with me to discuss the clinical pharmacist position at . . .” Second paragraph Express continued interest in the position, your individual contribution or “fit” with the position, understanding of positions requirements “After our visit, I believe the flexibility and emphasis on clinical practice of the position would fit well with my goals . .”

22 Follow-Up/Thank You Letters
Third paragraph (optional) Clarify misunderstandings during interview, questions about your qualifications “Although I know that your are looking for someone who has more experience, I feel that my ” Closing statement Re-emphasize continued interest and enthusiasm for the position, contact information

23 Skills Employers Want Communication skills
Highlight in presentations/publications Teamwork/interpersonal skills Highlight group activities in coursework Computer skills Flexibility/adaptability Self-confidence Motivation/initiative Work ethic

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