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Interactive Petrophysics What’s New IP3.4

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1 Interactive Petrophysics What’s New IP3.4
Frank Whitehead IP Development Manager

2 IP3.4 Data Base Structure Curve Sets can be customized
Top – Bottom interval Step Irregular step allowed Data loading to set of correct step 6” data loaded to 6” set 1” data loaded to 1” set 0.1” data loaded to 0.1” set (FMI) Automatic extrapolation between sets Allows mixing of input set in modules All output curves in a module must belong to the same set or set type Depth curve created for each set Curve names maximum length increased to 14 characters Set names maximum length increased to 8 characters

3 Database Security Each well in the database can have a security setting Security is set by user logon name Wells can be Read / Write Read Only No access No access wells just show well name on load screen and wells can not be loaded Read only wells load as a well copy and can not overwrite original Can be saved under a new name Access rights can be set by project or by individual wells

4 History Module Stores History on Modules run

5 History Module Stores History on Curves

6 History Module Stores Parameter listings
Makes comparison between listings

7 Zone Linking Zone Sets can be linked so they share the same :
Top and Bottom depth Zone Name and Zone colour Once linked any operation done on one of the sets in a linked group is done on them all Change zone name Change depths Create new zone

8 Zone Sets - Enhancements
Copy a parameter set to a tops set Edit Tops set in a parameter window Allows editing of Linked sets Output tops to a listing / clipboard Launch parameter windows

9 Laminated and Shaley Sand Fluid Substitution
Unocal / Chevron proprietary module now released in IPv3.4 Developed by Chris Skelt - Chevron

10 Mineral Solver Enhancements
Ability to solve for the un-invaded zone For each input equation one specifies whether the tool reads in the invaded or un-invaded zone, or in-between.

11 Mineral Solver Enhancements
Plot Options Display movable fluids in model result tracks

12 Porosity and Water Saturation Enhancements
Kill analysis logic Used for special minerals not covered by Coal, Salt and Bad hole logic Volcanic, Anhydrite etc Plot Options Allow modifications of default plot

13 Porosity and Water Saturation Enhancements
Comparisons can be made between the different porosity methods Allows calibration of sonic porosity parameters in good hole for use in bad hole zones Comparisons of different Sw methods Output effective Sw and also Total Sw Comparisons are designed for QC purposes and not for final results No iterations are made between Phie and Sw. Assumes normal Phie and Sw results for use in the model calculations

14 Porosity and Water Saturation Enhancements
Thomas-Stieber shale distribution calculations Dispersed, laminar and structural volumes Properties of the sand laminations calculated Laminated Clay Dispersed Clay Sand Lamination properties

15 Clay Volume and Porosity Water Saturation Linking
If the Clay Volume and PhiSw module zone sets are linked we can now link clay parameters Density, Neutron and Sonic Clay Change Density clay on a PhiSw Xplot Changes Density clay in Clay volume Re-runs Clay Volume Runs PhiSw

16 Sw Modelling Enhancements - Set-up and Corrections
QC Pc Height V. Sw plug crossplots More selection of default crossplots Closure Corrections on individual plugs Plug Phi and Perm now displayed on QC page Plug line colour now shown on setup window

17 Sw Modelling Enhancements – Cap Pressure Functions
Data for a function can be selected by zone Current function being worked on is now shown in the setup module for individual plug selection Weighted Regression for function Weights the data by 1/Shr. Weights the low Sw’s

18 Sw Modelling Enhancements – Log Functions
Weighted regression added FWL and selected wells are saved by function FWL can be set for all wells from the equation tab Data for a function can be selected by zone

19 Sw Modelling Enhancements – Sw V. Height Curves
Options extended to allow Gas over Oil calculations of Pc Gas/Oil contact is entered plus Gas Density Pc in the gas zone calculated by adding the Pc in the Oil to the Pc in gas IFT correction factors can be set for both Oil and Gas Hence the same function can be used for both fluid

20 Sw Modelling Enhancements – Grain Size curves
Set-Up module now outputs from Pc curves Grain size distribution array curves Sw normalized Pc array curves (for plotting on Log plots)

21 Basic Log Functions - Enhancements
Calculation Bulk density from density porosity Calculation of Permeability using default equations New conversion tab Oil and Gas density Sigma Oil, Gas and Water

22 Sigma Cased Hole Sw - Enhancements
Sigma matrix can now be optional entered rather than calculated from Rho matrix New Output curves Sigma Open Hole Reconstructed Sigma 100% Water apparent Sigma 100% Hydrocarbon apparent Sigma / Phi Xplot with const Sw lines

23 Depth Shifting Depth offset (shift) curve can now be named per track
Auto Depth Shift Correlation type can be defined Distance away from original shift can be defined to stop new shifts overwriting old New module to shift curves using previously generated depth offset curves

24 Dip Picking Image logs Dips can be picked from images
Dip type selected from display window Display window allows manual dip value entry Interactive editing Left mouse for editing angle and size Right mouse for editing depth

25 Plotting - Enhancement
Default Plot can be specified for all wells When a new plot is requested for a well the selected plot format will be used

26 Customizable Log Plot Headers and Footers
Total customization of Headers Montage builder used to create the header formats Will link in automatically well and log attributes Default formats are similar to IP3.3 Attributes are mapped in the Montage builder

27 Cross Plot - Enhancements
Standalone Pickett Plot

28 Cross Plot - Enhancements
Multiple sets of discriminators can be setup and used

29 Cross Plot - Enhancements
Multiple User Lines Either hand drawn or equations Line Style editable

30 Cross Plot - Enhancements
Multiple Regression lines Line style editable

31 Neural Networks Predict Single or Multi-Well Flexible training zones
Core Permeability Log Data (Density bad hole) Facies Logs Single or Multi-Well Flexible training zones Models can be run on multiple wells Result Comparison Training zones Input Curves

32 LAS loader Loading multiple imbedded LAS 2 files can be handled easier
All LAS sequences now show on input screen Data Loading LAS 3 format files

33 API or UWI well identification
Select and load well by API or UWI API or UWI displayed with well name

34 API or UWI well identification
API or UWI displayed on Well map

35 Data Base Browser API – UWI shown next to well name
List can be selected to display Current well only Loaded wells only All Wells Data listings can be displayed With quick graphical representation Data Well file folders shown Display Option Icons

36 Multi-well Batch Operations
Works with loaded and un-loaded wells in the database Allows batch operations to be run on more than 500 wells at a time Wells lists can be used to select wells API or UWI can be displayed with well name Fill data gaps added to list of available modules to run

37 Multi-Well Curve Headers
Output Well lists from filter results Module can be used for searching for curves and then saving the wells they are found in. (e.g. find all wells with core data) Output information on found curves Printer, File or clipboard

38 Multi-Well set headers
Output Well lists from filter results

39 Multi-Well header information
Now displays location information in UTM’s or Lat-Long Output to file or clipboard

40 Custom Toolbars and User Menus
User programs can be added to custom toolbars User custom menus can be made

41 Well Folder structure Allows the automatic creation of a folder structure for each well

42 Quick view of what's in each work area
Work Areas Multiple work areas can be created which allows organisation of windows Work area selected Quick view of what's in each work area

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