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Applying Narrative Theory to Coursework Katie Langdon-Shreeve.

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1 Applying Narrative Theory to Coursework Katie Langdon-Shreeve

2 A Clip from My Coursework

3 Synopsis of Coursework Our coursework aim was to create an original two- minute film opening. My film is a drama that follows the life and struggles of a teenage boy, as he realizes his dream and tries to break free of his father’s controlling grasp. The opening two minutes shows the end of the story: his suicide.

4 Narrative The narrative of my film is a non-linear structure, showing the end of the story at the beginning of the film, with the rest of the film showing the events that lead up to the conclusion of the plot- his death. It has a circular structure, although the end of the story is shown at the beginning

5 Technique of Propp Hero/Protagonist: Jonathan- the main character, and the only character seen in my film opening. Villain/Antagonist: Jonathan’s father- not seen or heard in the film opening, but referenced to. It is soon clear he is the one against our hero in this story. Princess/Helper: Lauren – Jonathan’s main support in following his dream, who eventually becomes a love interest Father/dispatcher: owner of the piano bar- who discovers Jonathan’s talent and persuades him to pursue it. False Hero- Jonathan’s mother, who claims to be on Jonathan’s side, but lets the father rule his life anyway.

6 Todorov Equilibrium- Jonathan is living his life normally, under pressure from his father. Disruption- he begins to work in a piano bar, where the owner recognizes his talent- he meets a new group of friends who give him support and a freedom away from his family. Conflict- his friends and new mentor (the owner) persuade him to stand up to his father and to live his own life- not follow in his father’s footsteps. Resolution- his father refuses and decides to send him off to an army camp, so Jonathan finds no way out but suicide (the resolution is shown at the beginning of the film; the rest of the film shows the events leading up to his suicide). New Equilibrium- the friends and family have to live without Jonathan.

7 Barthes Action Code: Jonathan’s suicide. Enigma Code: why he committed suicide. Symbolic Code: Jonathan putting his earphones in to listen to his music-the most important thing in his life-before his death.

8 Levi-Strauss Here are some examples of binary opposites featured in my film: Rebellion vs Conformity Good vs Evil Ignorance vs Wisdom Young vs Old Entrapment vs Freedom Life and Death

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