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Lesson Plans By Majid Hussain.

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1 Lesson Plans By Majid Hussain

2 Session outcomes All students are able to identify the key elements to a lesson plan. Most students are able to plan a lesson plan with a) assessment strategies, b) Differentiation. Some students are able to highlight a) strengths, b) areas for improvement for a lesson plan.

3 Any questions about lesson plans?

4 Why do we need Lesson plans?
Does it make you a better teacher? They are time consuming. I know what to do. Why do I need one? My Lessons never follow the lesson plan. The Lesson plans never make sense

5 The key elements to a lesson plan
Objectives Outcomes Equipment/Resources Timing Explanation of activity with progressions Explanation of organisation Assessment tools Differentiation

6 Mini Plenary What did you learn that you could implement into your lesson plan? How can you do this?

7 Design a lesson plan….. - How to make a cup of tea?
- How to make a paper aeroplane? - How to change a nappy? - How to make a sandwich? - How to plant a flower? - How to write a letter? - How to order food? - How to brush your teeth? - How to wash your clothes? - How to tie your shoelaces?

8 Explanation of task Include the key elements!!!!!!!!!
Plan a lesson for 20 minutes of your chosen topic. It should have a: Starter - Main activity - Plenary Include the key elements!!!!!!!!!

9 Self/Peer assessment Whilst a group presents their lesson plan, the other groups are required to assess them using the peer assessment sheet given. There are 15 questions/statements, which need to be ticked if they have achieved them. Give them a final score out of 15. Convert this score into the 1-4 criteria (bottom of the page) Make sure you can justify your grade.

10 Highlight what you have learnt in this session?

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