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Expressions of Short Messages

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2 Expressions of Short Messages
When you have to welcome and serve guests, what do you do? What if they cannot meet the person they want to meet and want to leave a message? Do you know how to do them very well? Learn them in this unit.

3 Words appointment (kb) contact (kkt) great (ks) greet (kkt)
Listen to your teacher pronouncing the words below and repeat after him/her with a good pronunciation. Then, find their meanings in your dictionary. Words appointment (kb) contact (kkt) great (ks) greet (kkt) guess (kki) guest (kb) offer (kkt) over (kk) provide (kkt) serve (kkt) Meaning

4 1. Does Mr Siregar want to meet Fitri?
You will listen to a report. After listening to it, answer the following questions. The listening script is in the appendix. Number one is done as an example. 1. Does Mr Siregar want to meet Fitri? (No, he doesn’t. He wants to meet Mr Assegaf.) 2. Does he have an appointment with Mr Assegaf? 3. Does Fitri let Mr Siregar keep standing? 4. Does she offer something to drink to Mr Siregar? 5. Is Mr Assegaf in his room?

5 Listen to the report again and answer the questions below.
1. Who is the guest? 2. Whom does the guest want to meet? 3. What time is the appointment? 4. What does Fitri say to greet the guest? 5. What does she say to ask the guest to sit?

6 Study the following expressions.
There are some particular expressions usually used in handling guests. Here are some of them. In an office Greetings (Good morning/afternoon/evening). What can I do for you, Sir/Ma’am? Could I take your name, please? Just a moment, please. I’ll see if Mr./Mrs….is free/available. Have a seat, please. Would you like something to drink? I’m sorry, Sir/Ma’am. Mr/Mrs…is not in. Would you like to leave a message?

7 In a hotel Welcome to our hotel. Hope you enjoy your stay.
Have a nice rest, Sir/Ma’am. Would you like some help with your luggage? Here is your key. Please, check your bill.

8 In a restaurant In a shop Welcome to our restaurant. Can I help you?
May I take your order, please? Are you ready to order, Sir/Ma’am? Can I take your coat, Sir/Ma’am? Hope you enjoy the food. In a shop Can I help you? May I help you? Which one fixes you? Which one do you like?

9 Guests Could I leave a message?
How to Take a Message through Direct Interaction Do you remember how the secretary takes a message from the guest? It is quite similar to when you have formal phone calls. Here are some expressions to take a message through direct interaction. Guests Could I leave a message? Secretary/front officer Would you like to leave a message?

10 Responses Yes, Sir/Ma’am. With pleasure, Sir/Ma’am.
All right, Sir/Ma’am. I’ll give him/her your message.

We are generally quite formal when we are welcoming visitors to a company, Act out the conversations with your partner using the formal language. Example: NON-FORMAL FORMAL Guest : I want to see Mr Aji Pratama I’d like to see Mr Aji Pratama, Receptionist : Tell me your name Could you tell me your name, please? Guest : Fahrur Regan. Tell him I’m in I’m Fahrur Regan. a hurry Please, tell him I’m in a hurry. Receptionist: He’s busy. Sit down there I’m sorry, Sir. He’s busy and wait right now. Would you like to take a seat and wait, please?

12 :Sign the visitor’s book. :OK. Give me your pen. :All right. Coffee?
Receptionist Guest :Sign the visitor’s book. :OK. Give me your pen. :All right. Coffee? : I don’t drink coffee. I want tea. ……………………….. Receptionist Guest :I can help you. :Good. Apryan Siregar from Horasindo Oil Company wants to meet Mr Assegaf. :Sit down there. I’ll check if :he’s free. :OK. :He’s busy until lunch. Any message? :Tell him I’ll be back after lunch. OK. ………………………..

13 MESSAGE Is a piece of written or spoken information which one person gives to another. Short message is used to send an important message to other people, friend or family. Some tips to write a shirt message. Clear addressee (someone who receives the message) Staight forward If it is an instruction state it clearly.

14 Example: Dear Juan The dance performs start at on Saturday and it costs rupiahs. Would you like to meet outside the hall at 07 o’clock? Then we can go for a drink. Best Wishes, Kemang

15 To: Sophie I’ve just got the news that our grandfather passed away one our ago. We are going to leave for Klaten soon to attend the funeral. Please be here before 7 p.m. Ronie What kind of the text above? Who is sent the message above? What does Ronie tell to Sophie? Who passed away on that text?

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