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Your 5 - 8 Minute Presentation.

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1 Your 5 - 8 Minute Presentation


3 Review from last week Confidence versus fear Symptoms of fear or high stress Prevention / reducing symptoms The audience is on your side Dont worry about being great Dont worry about being perfect Just be yourself

4 Your 5-8 minute presentation

5 Determine a topic

6 Decide the purpose of your presentation What do you want to make the audience think, feel, or do by the time you conclude?

7 Decide on two or three main points


9 Do your research Your experiences College sources Magazines News Internet Be careful here!!!

10 You dont understand it until you can put it in your own words and explain it in a way your grandparents can understand. Mikes Rule on Research Material:


12 Potential Materials Your stories (experience) Analogies (comparison of dissimilar things) Anecdotes (other peoples stories) Facts Statistics

13 Use what sticks to peoples brains

14 What SticksWhat doesnt SimpleComplex ConcreteAbstract EmotionalStoic UnexpectedPredictable StoriesFacts

15 Put it in order Presentation Structure Introduction Body – Point 1 – Point 2 – Point 3 Conclusion

16 5 - 8 minute Presentation Men speak around 125 words a minute Women speak around 150 words per minute When youre nervous, you speak faster! Intro Point 1 Conclusion Point 2 Point 3 1 minute 3 - 6 minutes 1 minute 125 words (m) 150 words (w) 125 words (m) 150 words (w) 375 - 750 words (m) 450 - 900 words (w) Body

17 5 - 8 minute Presentation Transitions Intro Point 1 Conclusion Point 2 Point 3 Q&AQ&A Q&AQ&A Connect and Grab Attention! Connect and Grab Attention! Reconnect and Grab Attention! Reconnect and Grab Attention!

18 The first 30 Seconds are critical! Jolt The conclusion is as critical as the intro!

19 Choosing your presentation title


21 Presentation Secrets Talk to me, not us! The first and last 30 seconds are critical Get to the point quickly Transition Smoothly Using Humor Using visual aids – PowerPoint – Props

22 Preparing to Deliver Dont procrastinate! Rehearsing – How much should you rehearse? – Where should you rehearse? – Who can you rehearse to? – What can help you rehearse? Record the speech and rehearse while it plays!

23 The day of your presentation Mental Preparation Watch what you eat! Music soothes – use it! – Youd better be good to me! – Danger Zone – Lets Get it Started in Here

24 Delivering Your Presentation If you feel nervousness or panic set in, calm yourself! Talk to me, not us Look at the audience Find friendly faces Keep your hands out of pockets Never point into the audience Have fun!

25 Lets talk a little about humor.

26 The room and seating makes a difference.

27 Time of day, recent events, and many other factors can make differences too.

28 Women laugh more freely than men.

29 More women in the audience means more and faster laughing.

30 Larger rooms with more open space tend to result in less laughter.

31 The point is not to get rattled if you dont get the laughs you expected.

32 Allow time for laughs if you use humor.

33 Allow more laugh time for larger audiences.

34 What makes people laugh?

35 Exaggeration

36 Pain

37 Sudden release of tension.

38 Surprise (sudden redirection)

39 or better known as a setup and punch line.

40 Henny Youngman Ive been in love with the same woman for 30 years if my wife finds out, shell kill me!

41 Keep humor in short bursts.

42 Never use long stories to set up a punch line.

43 Never, ever use jokes...

44 or unrelated, forced humor.

45 Find the humor in the situation.

46 Use observational humor.

47 Words with a hard K sound are funny.

48 Cupcake is funny sounding. Tomato isnt.

49 Finally, laughing at yourself is the safest humor.

50 Wrap-Up



53 Questions?

54 Putting a 5 - 8 Minute Presentation Together

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