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Technology for better business outcomes © 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without.

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1 Technology for better business outcomes © 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice HP BladeSystem – “the virtualisation platform” Peter Mansell BladeSystem Business Manager

2 Customers budgets down but we need to sell more… Source: Giga Information Group, IdeaByte RIB-032001-00062 10-20% acquisition 80-90% services, operations, people and training expenses Blades – can reduce energy costs by 69% Deploying HP management tools can reduce downtime by 77%, deployment time by 65% Standard management platform

3 Create your own blade savings report Public sector organisation, Urban. 48 x DL360 quad core VS. 48 x BL460C quad core with virtual connect You save = £446,307 or 57.2% over 5 years Creating a savings report

4 What’s new with HP BladeSystem

5 HP Confidential NDA required Transforming Server Economics Introducing HP ProLiant: The Next Generation Spend less for power Make every dollar count Maximize virtualization potential ProLiant G6 Servers Design Focal Points: Power efficiency Infrastructure management Performance (including Intel ® Xeon ® Processor 5500 Series servers)

6 HP Confidential NDA required See the difference ProLiant G6 gives you the best return for your budget Lower Software Costs $31,200/yr OS licensing Savings Lower Operating Costs $18,000/yr Power/Cooling Savings Lower Software Costs $8,800/yr OS licensing Savings G6 Savings vs. G4 2005 42 servers (single-core) 10700 W G6 savings vs. G5 Lower Operating Costs $3,850/yr Power/Cooling Savings Featuring Intel Xeon 5500 2007 14 servers (dual-core) 2630 W 2009 3 servers (quad-core) 450 W New HP G6 *Source: Based on HP internal estimates Rapid Payback 12 month ROI from G5 Rapid Payback 3 month ROI from G4

7 Switch and Virtual Connect? Switch Part of LAN or SAN network Managed from network Server directly connected, so any server change impacts network Virtual Connect Part of server system Managed with servers Layer between servers and network, so network doesn’t see server changes Allows flexibility and control of system resources Ideal for virtualization environments What’s the difference? Server LAN SAN Server LAN SAN Virtual Connect

8 Flex10 for HP Virtual Connect Flex10 (port 2) NIC Server Blade Flex10 (port 1) NIC Flex10 LOM or Mezz Card vNet 2vNet 3vNet 4vNet 1 10Gb VC-Enet Module For each NIC (PF), VC sets: bandwidth (0.1 to 10 Gb/s) NIC type (regular or iSCSI) Priority MAC address vNet connection Map Flex10 NICs to any vNet HP Confidential – NDA Required

9 HP BladeSystem Matrix: A cloud infrastructure in a box Applies the economics, scalability and response time of cloud computing to traditional data center applications

10 HP BladeSystem c-Class Portfolio A Full Range of 2P and 4P Blades Interconnect choices for LAN, SAN, and Scale-Out Clusters Fibre ChannelInfiniBand 4X DDR Workstation Blades Storage Blades Unified Management Services Assessment Implementation Support Enclosures SAN h LAN h Ethernet NICsVirtual Connect h Server Blades Choice of Power HP Confidential – NDA Required

11 Summary and customer case studies

12 BladeSystem - delivering customer benefits 87 percent reduction in power consumption HP Systems Insight Manager can spot problems with the hardware before they become catastrophic and it can switch virtual servers from malfunctioning systems to working blades.” “Implementing a virtualised HP BladeSystem is not just about technology – it’s about good business. When you add all the advantages together you’ve got a fantastic business case and a great return on investment. “The whole package of HP blade servers, HP Insight Manager and power management coupled with HP’s other software tools has proved to be an excellent solution. UEA now has close to 50 HP ProLiant c-Class server blades 280 physical servers consolidated onto 30 physical servers hosting a projected 400 VM’s 75 percent reduction in data center energy consumption, US$90,000 annual energy savings, 170 metric tons of CO2 saved per year Approximately 80 stand-alone servers have been replaced with approximately 14 servers, DC floor space has been reduced, leading to rental costs lowered by £115,000 per year. HP Virtual Connect for the HP BladeSystem. This software dramatically simplifies Ethernet cabling and allows administrators to add or replace servers without having to reconfigure the cabling. The new infrastructure with its HP BladeSystem boosts computing power and provides a highly available, high-performance publishing system. An HP StorageWorks EVA6100 provides secure data storage and shared storage. HP Virtual Connect simplifies and virtualises the Storage Area Network (SAN).

13 Why HP BladeSystem and VMware The number 1 blade platform – 2008 – 68% share More certified VMware platforms than any other vendor VMware installation and support services Flexibility and choice— The widest choice on the market −Nine server blades −Storage offerings – DAS, NAS / ISCSI SAN + Tape back-up −Other options - Workstation blade / PCI expansion blade Partnership with industry leading companies - Reduce costs—with HP BladeSystem your customers can save up to −69% reduction in energy costs −HP BladeSystem costs up to 90% less to deploy; −Reduces facilities costs by around 25% −Capital costs by 36% −Reduce cables by up to 98%—reducing maintenance and complexity

14 Tools and Resources Promotions and offers −Free enclosure – −Trade in - Useful information / web sites − − − − −

15 Questions Peter Mansell

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