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The Fawcett Society Kat Banyard Campaigns Officer, Fawcett Society

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1 The Fawcett Society Kat Banyard Campaigns Officer, Fawcett Society


3 S traight-jacketed E xcluded from power X chromosome discrimination I mpoverishment S exual exploitation M oney Gap IN THE CITY

4 S traight-jacketed UK full-time employees work the longest hours in the EU

5 E xcluded from power Only 11% of FTSE 100 company directors are women

6 X chromosome discrimination Every year 30,000 women lose their jobs in the UK simply for being pregnant

7 I mpoverishment Poverty has a female face: Two thirds of low paid workers are women

8 S exual exploitation There are over 300 lapdance clubs operating in the UK

9 M oney gap Women working full-time earn on average 17% less than men



12 BODILY RIGHTS the right to live free from violence

13 GOVERNMENT Economic Rights Mandatory pay audits Extend the right to work flexibly to all End the EU opt out of the Working Time Directive Political Rights Women-only short lists Bodily Rights License lapdance clubs as Sex Encounter Establishments Fully find a rape crisis centre in every area National 24 hour helpline for victims of rape

14 BUSINESS Economic Rights Conduct pay audits Pay all employees a living wage Implement and promote flexible working at every level Challenge cultures that discriminate against and stereotype wpmen Bodily Rights Don’t fund lapdance clubs by utilising them in corporate entertaining

15 FAWCETT SOCIETY We are the UK’s leading campaign for equality between women and men. We trace our roots back to 1866, when Millicent Fawcett began to campaign for women’s votes How we work Campaigning for legislative change Influencing practice for institutional change Empowering women and men for grassroots change

16 FAWCETT campaigns Economic Rights Sexism and the City Motherhood penalty campaign Women’s No Pay Day: 30 th October Political Rights Seeing Double Her Vote Bodily Rights Justice for victims of rape

17 YOU!

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