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GM PCT Cluster & Related Issues Mel Sirotkin Director of Public Health.

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1 GM PCT Cluster & Related Issues Mel Sirotkin Director of Public Health

2 Purpose of PCT Clusters To sustain management capacity and accountability for PCT functions: statutory duties, finance, quality, performance, QIPP and NHS Constitution requirements to March 2013 Provide space for developing GP Consortia Develop commissioning support arrangements Provide space for new arrangements with Local authorities and particularly Health and Well Being Boards to develop Support provider reform

3 Cluster Functions Oversight of PCT level plans, contracts and Operating Frameworks Leadership of QIPP plans Support GP Pathfinder development Ensure availability of commissioning capacity Ensure statutory duties are covered Support PCT staff through the transition Oversight of local joint working including move of public health and development of HWB Boards

4 GM Cluster The GM Cluster Board will be the Board for all GM PCTs GM Cluster Board will come into place in June 2011: Chair: Professor Eileen Fairhurst Chief Executive: Dr Mike Burrows To be appointed: Director of Finance, Director of Commissioning, Medical Director, Nursing Director Local Directors of Public Health (DsPH) will not be consolidated at cluster level: GM DsPH have nominated a lead DPH to be on the board. All DsPH will be able/required to attend Board meetings if required

5 Salford PCT Salford PCT has strong internal and partnership governance and will ensure this is embedded for the future Salford PCT will have a Locality Board which will be accountable to the GM Cluster Board The Board will include lay member (locality Non Executives), clinicians, the DPH and other accountable officers

6 Therefore Salford PCT will be considering how to streamline current board governance Salford PCT will develop a local leadership team to support the organisation and the Locality Board to deliver it’s purpose and function Any new local arrangements will require approval by the GM Cluster Board

7 May – June 2011 Transitional governance arrangements are under development for NHS Salford GM Cluster Establishment agreement – approval by 10 PCT Boards

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