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World War II: War Around the World

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1 World War II: War Around the World
Social Studies 10 Ms. Rebecca

2 Do Now: What were the causes of WWII?
How did they compare with the causes of WWI? You must use the following terms in your answer: Fascism/Dictatorship Imperialism Arms Race Nationalism The Great Depression The Treaty of Versailles Adolf Hitler - Germany Joseph Stalin – Soviet Union Benito Mussolini – Italy Hideki Tojo - Japan Axis Powers

3 Popcorn reading! Get out your textbook and turn to page 447
We will popcorn read as a class to review what we have learned about the causes of WWII.

4 I. Causes of WWII (venn diagram)

5 II. Road to War (1932-1939) Election of 1932 Remilitarize (1935)
Invasion of Rhineland (1936) Union with Austria (1938)

6 II. Road to War ( ) Czechoslovakia and Munich Conference (1938) 1. Appeasement Policy F. Non-Aggression Pact (1939) Invasion of Poland (1939) 1. The war begins

7 III. World War II Basics Axis Powers: Italy, Germany, Japan
Allied Powers: Great Britain, France….later USA, China, Russia and more! Neutral countries: Switzerland Countries and leaders (dates if important)

8 Japan Germany Italy USSR USA World War II G.B. France China

9 What was the battlefield like?
No trenches New weapons New strategy – “blitzkrieg” High causalities

10 IV. The Western Front Sept 1, 1939- Hitler attacked Poland
- 2 days later, Great Britain and France declared war on Germany

11 V. Lightning Attacks Germans fought much faster than they had in WWI.
Blitzkrieg: lightning war Poland, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway lost to Germany fast!

12 V. Lightning Attacks Even France lost to Germany!
Some French soldiers escaped to Great Britain and some stayed in the country and tried to resist German rule.

13 The Battle for Britain Battle of Britain Aug-Nov 1940
Germany sent 1000s of aircrafts over the English Channel to try to bomb and destroy the British Royal air force so he could easily take over

14 Problem British had radar
They to see German air attacks before German planes were visible so they could defend themselves

15 London Blitz Germans were frustrated that they couldn’t defeat British Air Force so they began to bomb British ports and cities. Goal: Scare people and break will to fight.

16 III. Battle of Britain Who, when, where? Last Allied Power
Daylight battle Night time battle? Victory?







23 British hold out! Although thousands of people died and much of London was destroyed, the British never gave in. 1941-Germany was forced to leave Britain because they had lost too many planes and supplies during the attack on Britain.

24 IV. Eastern Front 1939- Hitler made a non-aggression treaty with Stalin which said that he would not go to war with Russia. Surprising because Russia was Communist and Hitler did NOT like communism.

25 Why would Hitler want Russia?
Vast open spaces Natural resources

26 A. Hitler breaks treaty with Russia
June Hitler sent 3 million troops to the Soviet Union (Russia) German soldiers killed many people with tanks and soldiers with bitzkrieg strategy

27 But Soviet Union did not collapse.
Germans couldn’t deal with the harsh, cold Soviet winter. Soviets fought back

28 B. Battle of Stalingrad

29 Results of battle: Estimates that 10s of thousands of German soldiers died. Hitler would not allow them to surrender. No food Freezing cold Survivors from Germany were captured and taken to Prisoner camps where many more died

30 Over 1 million Soviet soldiers died but they won the battle
BIG turning point in the War.

31 Homework: Before you leave answer the following questions on a piece of paper to be turned in: Who was on the Axis side? Who were part of the Allied powers? How was battle different in WWII than it was in WWI? Make Vocabulary note cards for the following terms: Blitzkrieg non-aggression Battle of Britain radar London Blitz Battle of Stalingrad

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