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Villem Valgi Jürgen Lätte Martti Vaske Sander Suurpere

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1 Villem Valgi Jürgen Lätte Martti Vaske Sander Suurpere
The Plantagenets 11 Villem Valgi Jürgen Lätte Martti Vaske Sander Suurpere

2 100 Years’ War From 1337 to 1453 (116 years)
Between the royal houses of France and England For the throne of France Edward III Philip VI

3 Background

4 The War Battle of Crécy 1346 Battle of Poitiers 1356
Battle of Agincourt 1415 Besiege of Orléans and Joan of Arc 1429 Battle of Castillon 1453

5 Importance End of chivalry Firearms and artillery National feeling


7 The Wars of the Roses From 1455 to 1485
Between the House of Lancaster and the House of York Fought for the throne of England

8 Major Causes both houses were direct descendents of king Edward III
the ruling Lancastrian king, Henry VI, had lost all the lands on the continent of France The unprodictable episodes of mental illness by king Henry VI

9 The Campaign and the End of the Wars
22 May 1455 the battle of St Albans 1461 the Battle of Towton 1485 the Battle of Bosworth Field


11 Richard II ( ) The eight King of England of the house of Plantagenet Son of Edward, the Black Prince and grandson of Edward III Crushed the Peasant’s Revolt Quarreled with Parliament The commission of the ‘Lord Appellant’ was created Abdicated in 1399 Murdered in 1400

12 Peasants’ Revolt (1381) Background
The Black Death had devistated Europe The life of the serfs was really hard The new poll tax

13 The revolt 7th June, 1381 – the Great Council where Wat Tyler was elected the leader of the rebellion The rebels marched to London 14th June – meeting at Mile End 15th June – meeting at Smithfield where Tyler was murdered The revolt was crushed at ST. John’s Fields

14 Coscequences Sowed the seed of democracy
The beginning of the end of serfdom in medieval England Led to the reform of feudalism Increased the rights of the serf class Death of Wat Tyler


16 The Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer Written in Middle English
Two of the stories are in verse, other twenty two in prose Influenced by The Decameron G. Chaucer

17 Plot A group of pilgrims are heading to Canterbury Cathedral, to visit the tomb of Saint Thomas Becket Character from different classes: monks, shipmen, yeomen, knights etc. Everyone has to tell four stories during the pilgrimage A woodcut from William Caxton's second edition of the Canterbury Tales printed in 1483.

18 'Wepyng and waylyng, care and oother sorwe
An example of the original text: 'Wepyng and waylyng, care and oother sorwe I knowe ynogh, on even and a-morwe,' Quod the Marchant, 'and so doon other mo That wedded been.'

19 Canterbury Tales falls into the category of frame tale
The structure is largely linear Canterbury Cathedral The Tales is written during the time of the Peasants’ Revolt

20 The End Thank You!

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