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Frank Leone Felipe Morera Austin Pezoldt. Adaptive Strategy Definition: The unique way each culture uses its particular environment; those aspects of.

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1 Frank Leone Felipe Morera Austin Pezoldt

2 Adaptive Strategy Definition: The unique way each culture uses its particular environment; those aspects of culture that serve to provide the necessities of life – food, clothing, shelter, & defense. Example: Fishing in Iceland

3 Built Environment Definition: The part of physical landscape that represents material culture; the buildings, roads, bridges, and similar structures large and small, of the cultural landscape. New York City

4 Folk Culture Definition: The body of instruction, customs, dress, artifacts, collective wisdoms, and traditions of a homogeneous, isolated, largely self sufficient, and relatively static social group.

5 Folk Food Definition: The retention in a new environment of the food preferences and recipes that had their origin in a different homeland. Hunting and gathering, cultivating food, and domesticating animals suited to the environment.

6 Folk Housing Buildings are limited in their materials by the recourses available in the environment. This means that if trees are available, then the houses will probably be made of wood. If wood is not available then the houses would be made of something else. New England style houses

7 Folk Songs Example: North American folk music began as immigrants brought their songs to the new world and began to Americanize them. Definition: A song that normally is passed from mouth to mouth through generations, as tradition.

8 Folklore Definition: Legends, oral history, proverbs, and popular beliefs that are the traditions of the culture. Example: Fairy tales

9 Material Culture The relationship between artifacts and social relations A cellphone

10 Nonmaterial Culture The nonphysical ideas that people have about their culture Beliefs, values, rules, norms, morals, language, organizations, and institutions (Abraham)

11 Popular Culture Found in large heterogeneous societies, that share certain habits despite differences in other characteristics. Wearing jeans

12 Creole A pidgin language that requires fuller vocabularies and becomes native languages. Haitian Creole

13 Dialect A variant form of a language were mutual comprehension is possible. The American vs British version of English

14 Indo-european languages The largest and most wide spread language family spoken on all continents. Germanic,Romance,balto slavic, and indo iranian.

15 Isogloss Indicate the border of individual words and pronunciation The southern dialect vs Midland dialect border.

16 Language A mutual agreed system of symbolic communication. English

17 Language family Tongues that are related and share a common ancestor. The afro-asiatic

18 Language subfamily A sub division of a language family French, Spanish, and Italian are inside the romance family.

19 Lingua franca A language of communication and commerce. English

20 Linguistic diversity The degree variability of language within a given area. African tribal languages.

21 Monolingual Someone who speaks only one language.

22 Multilingual Someone who can speak more then two languages.

23 Official language The required language of instruction in education, the government, and activities. French, in Chad

24 Pidgin A amalgamation of languages usually a simpler form of one, that borrows from another. Congolese + French

25 Toponymy Place name that can reflect a variety of things. United Kingdom(UK)

26 Trade language A language, used by speakers of different native languages for communication in commercial trade. English

27 Acculturation The adoption by an ethnic group of enough of the ways of the host society to be able to function economically and socially. The loss of native American societies.

28 Assimilation The complete blending of an ethnic group into the host society, reading in the loss of all distinctive ethnic traits. Immigrants coming to the united states.

29 Cultural adaptation The complex strategies human groups employ to live successfully as part of a natural system. Immigrants learning the official language while in the country.

30 Cultural ecology Study of the relationship between cultural group and its natural enviroment. Japanese killing whales

31 Cultural idenity The way one is influenced by belonging to a group or culture.

32 Cultural landscape The artificial landscape The visible human imprints on the land

33 Cultural realms An culture that has cultural distinction that differentiate from other cultures. Middle east

34 Culture A total way of life held in common by a group of people. Speech,ideology,behaviors,living hood, technology, and government.

35 Culture region An area occupied by people who have something formal Formal: An area inhabited by people who have one or more cultural traits in common Language, religon.

36 Functional region A area organized by a node or focal point. Television stations in Iowa.

37 Vernacular region One that is perceived to exist by its inhabitants.

38 Diffusion types Expansion diffusion: An innovation or idea develops in a hearth and remains strong there while also spreading outward. Hierarchical expansion: A pattern in which the main channel of diffusion is some segement of those who are susceptible to what is being diffused Contagious diffusion:A form of expansion in which nearly all adjacent individuals and places are affected.

39 Relocation diffusion The actual movement of individuals who have already adopted the idea or innovation, and who carry it to a new distant locale where they proceed to disseminate. The distribution of AIDS in the united states.

40 Innovation adoption Change to a culture that result from ideas created within the socials group itself and adopted by the culture.

41 Maladaptive diffusion Diffusion in which image comes before practicality Ranch style house s

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