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World War II Chapters 24 and 25.

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1 World War II Chapters 24 and 25

2 Rise of the Dictators Joseph Stalin – Soviet Union (Russia)
Totalitarianism – government has total control over its people. (communism) Benito Mussolini – Italy Fascism – nationalism where the interests of the country are above the people Adolf Hitler – Germany Nazism – the German brand of Fascism National Socialist German Workers Party Militarism in Japan

3 Dictators Hitler Stalin Mussolini

4 Hitler’s Ideas Mein Kampf – Hitler’s book
Racial Purification – “Aryan Race” Primarily blonde hair, blue eyes All other races should serve the aryans Anti-Semitism – hatred of the Jews Took power, got rid of democracy “Third Reich” Preyed on the poor economy

5 America Stays Out Neutrality Acts Isolationism

6 War Begins 1931 – Japan Invades China (Manchuria)
1935 – Italy invades Ethiopia 1939 – Germany invades Poland Blitzkrieg – lightning war Nonaggression Pact with Soviets Take over of Austria and Czechoslovakia




10 Fall of France Germany Invades Belgium to have a safe route to France
Maginot Line – boarder between Ger. And Fr. 1940 – France fell to the control of Germany Many French soldiers escaped to Britain


12 Battle of Britain Summer of 1940 – German Luftwaffe (air force) bombed Great Britain night after night for 2 months Going after bases, factories and cities Winston Churchill Inspired people to never give up Royal Air Force fights of Germans, cities destroyed





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