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World War II Chapters 24 and 25.

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1 World War II Chapters 24 and 25

2 Rise of the Dictators Dictator – a leader who takes control by force
Joseph Stalin – Soviet Union (Russia) Totalitarianism – government has total control over its people. (communism) Benito Mussolini – Italy Fascism – nationalism where the interests of the country are above the people Adolf Hitler – Germany Nazism – the German brand of Fascism National Socialist German Workers Party Militarism in Japan

3 Dictators Hitler Stalin Mussolini

4 Hitler’s Ideas Mein Kampf – Hitler’s book
Racial Purification – “Aryan Race” Primarily blonde hair, blue eyes All other races should serve the Aryans Anti-Semitism – hatred of the Jews Took power, got rid of democracy “Third Reich” Preyed on the poor economy

5 America Stays Out Neutrality Acts Isolationism

6 War Begins 1931 – Japan Invades China (Manchuria)
1935 – Italy invades Ethiopia 1939 – Germany invades Poland Blitzkrieg – lightning war Nonaggression Pact with Soviets Take over of Austria and Czechoslovakia




10 Fall of France Germany Invades Belgium to have a safe route to France
Maginot Line – boarder between Ger. And Fr. 1940 – France fell to the control of Germany Many French soldiers escaped to Britain


12 Battle of Britain Summer of 1940 – German Luftwaffe (air force) bombed Great Britain night after night for 2 months Going after bases, factories and cities Winston Churchill Inspired people to never give up Royal Air Force fights of Germans, cities destroyed





17 Letter in Secret Write a letter to your best friend about what is going on around you during the Battle of Britain. Describe your fears, what you have seen, what you have heard. Talk about the government regulations on going out. Tell your friend all about your experience.

18 The Holocaust Holocaust – the enslavement and brutal killing of millions of Jews during WWII Genocide – the killing off of an entire race of people

19 Jewish Persecution Kristallnacht – “The Night of Broken Glass”
Jewish businesses, home and synagogues were looted, windows smashed, some burned Jewish Identification – Star of David Ghettos – overcrowded slums where Jews were forced to live









28 Transportation to Camps
Taken from homes Many killed on the spot, the rest crammed into train cars for days No Room, No Food, No Bathroom, Little Air Many died Describe the discomfort…





33 Concentration Camps Sorted upon arrival
Work or Death “Cleansing Process” – describe… Little food, poor living quarters, hard labor, harsh treatment Many died











44 Death Camps Mass Murders Purpose – to kill as many people as possible
Ovens Gas Chambers Firing Squad Mass Graves Purpose – to kill as many people as possible





49 Sides Form Axis Powers – Germany, Italy, Japan
Allied Forces – Britain, France, eventually US and “The Good Guys”

50 Allied Forces Over 40 million troops Over 50 countries Greece
Yugoslavia Soviet Union*** Mongolia Panama Samoa Guam Puerto Rico Dominican Republic El Salvador Haiti Honduras Nicaragua China Mexico Guatemala Cuba Italy*** Romania Bulgaria San Marino Albania Ecuador Paraguay Uruguay Venezuela Turkey United States Great Britain France Poland Australia New Zealand India Newfoundland South Africa Canada Norway Denmark Belgium Luxembourg Czechoslovakia Brazil Ethiopia Iraq Bolivia Columbia Liberia Peru Lebanon Saudi Arabia Argentina Chile Allied Forces Over 40 million troops Over 50 countries

51 US Breaks Neutrality Lend-Lease Act – would supply arms and other supplies to the Allies FDR wins 3rd Term as President… Why is this significant?

52 Germany Breaks Agreement
Hitler attacks Soviet Union breaking the Non-Aggression Pact 2 Fronts Eastern Front – Soviet Union Western Front - France

53 US Attacked Peace Talks Fail Bombing at Pearl Harbor – Dec 7, 1941
Oil shipments stopped Bombing at Pearl Harbor – Dec 7, 1941 Kamikazes – Japanese suicide pilot 21 Ships and 300 airplanes lost USS Arizona 2,400 Killed





58 America at War After Pearl Harbor we declare war on Japan then all the Axis Powers Went to war in Europe first because we felt it was a bigger threat

59 United War Efforts 5 million signed up for Military
Another 5 million drafted Large numbers of African, Mexican, Native and Asian-American 15 million in the end Mobilization – preparations for war Industrial Help – converted factories produce war materials Women go to work in the factories “Rosie the Riviter”




63 …United War Efforts Rationing – people only being able to buy a limited amount of an item. What type of items do you think would have been rationed?


65 Sad Truth Japanese Internment Camps ***RAP VIDEO
Over 100,000 Japanese 3 years Fear of an internal attack ***RAP VIDEO Opinion – is this hypocritical?




69 War in Africa and Italy Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower
Allies Defeat Germany/Italy in North Africa What challenges chould there be fighting in the desert? Allies Crossed over to Italy – Sicily then the mainland Even though Italy was defeated Germany continued to fight until the end of the war





74 Eastern Front Leningrad – 900 day seige – military blockade
Moscow – capital Stalingrad – oil Germany killed many Soviets but in the end would never gain control COLD!!!!!

75 Leningrad

76 Leningrad

77 Stalingrad

78 Stalingrad

79 D-Day Operation Overlord French coast of Normandy
Over 1 million Allied troops After storming the beach, Allies pushed forward and liberated Paris Aug. 15, 1944






85 Final Stages After liberating France the war returns to the Maginot Line Battle of the Bulge – last German offensive move Allies win

86 German Surrender Hitler commits suicide
FDR dies, Harry Truman take over as president May 8, 1945 – Germany surrenders V-E Day (Victory in Europe)

87 War in the Pacific Island Hopping – Attacking and capturing key islands Midway: Philippines – Bataan Death March: Douglas MacArthur Iwo Jima: Okinawa: Japanese fought until the death, they fought for honor…Dangerous

88 Atomic Bomb Manhattan Project – a top secret program to develop “extremely powerful weapons” Albert Einstein What do we do: Invade Japan or Drop Bomb??? Hiroshima – Little Boy – 70,000+ dead Nagasaki – Fat Man – 50,000+ dead In the end over 200,000 would die of effects

89 Debate Should we have used the Atomic Bomb? Why or Why Not
Explain your answer in detail

90 War Comes to a Close September 2, 1945 – Japan Surrenders V-J Day

91 STATISTICS Total Dead – 50 to 80 Million Holocaust – 11 million dead
More civilians died than military personnel 400,000 Americans 24 million Soviets Holocaust – 11 million dead 6 million Jews

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