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Ministry of Local Development (MoLD)

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1 Ministry of Local Development (MoLD)
Government of Nepal


3 Dept of LD under Home & Panchayat Ministry in 1971
Background Nepal adopted planned dev strategy since 2013 (1956) (Realizing the boon ensured by planned development approach in Western and most of the South Asian countries) For creating various institutional mechanisms for initiating and facilitating developmental activities Dept of LD under Home & Panchayat Ministry in 1971 Upgraded as the Ministry of Local Development in 1980 Named as Ministry of Panchayat and Local Dev in 1981 Renamed as MoLD in 1990

4 A focal organization for promoting LD and decentralization
The Objectives of the Ministry: Contribute in the poverty reduction by mobilizing local means and resources, utilizing skill and technology to the optimum level and creating employment opportunity Enhance access of socially and economically disadvantaged groups, region and community to the service and facility delivered Capacity building of local government through local self governance and contribute to promote local good governance Empowerment of women, dalit, indigenous, Madheshi, Muslim, disable and ultra-poor people through social mobilization and their mainstreaming into the wave of development Ensure inclusive development by enhancing peoples' participation in decision making and planning process.

5 Roles and Responsibilities of MLD
Formulation of policies, plans and programs related to local self-governance, local development, remote area development, rural and community development, and water supply drainage and sanitation at local level and their implementation, monitoring and evaluation, Training, research and investigation related local self governance, local development, rural and remote area development, community development, and water supply and sanitation at local level, Demarcation and mapping of Village Development Committee, municipality, district, zone and development region, Coordination of local development p Local human resource and programmes, Mobilization of local human resource and people's participation, Necessary arrangement for local development related international conference and relations, Management of local Level fair and market, Coordinate and develop cordial  relation among local bodies, Administration of vital registration, Policy formulation, implementation and monitoring related to decentralization and devolution, Identification of local technology and its promotion, Activities related to rural development, Local infrastructure and agriculture road construction and maintenance. Activities related to the development of indigenous, dalits and janajatis. Social security, Coordination with regional and international organizations for rural and local development etc.

6 Divisions and Sections
1. General Administration Division   1.1 Personnel Administration Section (2)  1.2 Human Resource Development Section   1.3 Financial Administration Section 2. Local Self Governance Coordination Division 2.1 Local Bodies Support Section 2.2 Decentralized Action Plan Coordination Section 2.3 Population and Vital Registration Management Section 3. Municipal Management Division 3.1 Municipal Management Section 3.2 Municipal Planning Section 3.3 Environmental Management Section 4. Planning and Foreign Aid Coordination Division 4.1 Planning and Foreign Aid Coordination Section 4.2 Monitoring and Evaluation Section 4.3 Information, Publication and Documentation Section 4.4 Legal Advisory Section

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