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Road to Secession 1854-1861.

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1 Road to Secession

2 Standards and Essential Question
SSUSH 9 The student will identify key events, issues, and individuals relating to the causes, course and consequences of the Civil War Essential question: Why did the election of Abraham Lincoln begin secession?

3 The Election of 1860 Democrats Stephen A. Douglas
Repudiate the Freeport Doctrine Herschel Johnson John Breckinridge Joseph Lane Republicans Abraham Lincoln Hannibal Hamlin Constitutional Union Party John Bell Edward Everett


5 Stephen Douglas

6 Abraham Lincoln


8 Beginning of Secession

9 The beginning of secession
South Carolina leaves the Union GA, AL, FL, MS, LA, TX Approving secession ordinances Buffer states attempt to force compromise President Buchanan John Floyd

10 The Union & Confederacy in 1861

11 Attempts at compromise
Crittenden’s Compromise Plan of 1861 John J. Crittenden President-elect Lincoln rejects Former President John Tyler Washington peace conference Lincoln’s slavery amendment

12 The Confederate States of America
A new government? The first Presidency Jefferson Davis Alexander Stephens

13 The Leaders of the Confederacy
Pres. Jefferson Davis VP Alexander Stevens

14 Confederate Cabinet

15 The Confederate “White House”

16 MOTTO  “With God As Our Vindicator”
The Confederate Seal MOTTO  “With God As Our Vindicator”

17 Grim Realities

18 Rating the North & the South

19 Resources: North & the South

20 Railroad Lines, 1860

21 Slave/Free States Population, 1861

22 Lincoln’s administration
His cabinet Sec. Of State-William Seward Sec. Of Treasury-Samuel P. Chase Sec. Of War-Edwin Stanton

23 Confederate President Jefferson Davis

24 Inauguration of President Davis

25 The first shots of the war
Reluctance on both sides Re-supplying Fort Sumter Fort Sumter surrenders Border states take sides VA, NC, TN & AK New confederate capital-Richmond, VA. MD, KY & MS West Virginia “preserve the Union and not abolish slavery” Slaves as contraband

26 Union Troops

27 Preparing for war…

28 The first shots fired…Fort Sumter

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