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What Non-Catholics Need to Know About Eucharist Presented by James Deputy & Brian Lemoi.

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1 What Non-Catholics Need to Know About Eucharist Presented by James Deputy & Brian Lemoi

2 First and Foremost! We are all created and loved by God! The divisions among us and among our Churches are of our own making, not by Gods design! We can be in communion even if we do not yet share the same Sacramental Communion!

3 Overview of the Eucharistic Initiative for the Diocese of St. Petersburg 3 year process preceded by 18 months of study, reflection and consultation Bishop Lynchs Pastoral Letter On The Eucharist inaugurated the process Ultimate Goal is an increased experience and understanding of the Sacrament: To Be What We Receive!

4 Goal: This diocesan pastoral initiative by Bishop Robert Lynch is intended to foster a deeper experience and understanding of Eucharist – to paraphrase St. Augustine: we are called to be what we receive. Objectives: To achieve this goal the following objectives have been identified and will be attained through catechesis, dialogue, and faith sharing during a multi-year process. By participating, parishes will… Strengthen the bonds among the people of God as we share faith Enrich communal prayer and reflection on the word of God Enhance participation and celebration of Eucharist Develop a greater consciousness of what it means to be the Body of Christ Send the Church forth to act in justice and mercy As the Church of St. Petersburg journeys together, there will be a focus for each year with a special emphasis that is highlighted below:

5 Year 1 Focus: Beginning the Journey (Winter/Spring/Fall 2007) oClergy along with diocesan, parish, and school leadership will study and discuss the book From Maintenance to Mission by Rev. Robert S. Rivers oEucharist: Source and Summit (a resource developed by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee) will be introduced diocesan-wide for small group faith sharing and school and parish faith formation oApril 19 & 28, 2007 – diocesan gatherings to solicit feedback and input for planning oAdvent 2007 – Bishop Robert Lynch issued a Pastoral Letter on Eucharist Year 2 Focus: Formed by Christ (February 4, 2008) oConferences will introduce this focus with follow-up activities and resources that give attention to the Liturgy of the Word – highlighting the following elements: oGathering in Gods name oCalled to conversion oThe Word of God: Being Nourished by the Good News

6 Year 3 Focus: Becoming Christ (February 21, 2009) oConferences will introduce this focus with follow-up activities and resources that give attention to the Liturgy of the Eucharist – highlighting the following elements: –Promote full, conscious, and active participation in our liturgical celebrations –Celebrate the Eucharistic mystery – thanksgiving, sacrifice, meal, a people transformed, and devotion Year 4 Focus: Being Christ in the World (Fall/Winter 2009-10) oDiocesan conference will introduce this focus with follow-up that includes activities and resources that give attention to sending the Church forth on its mission: –Foster and promote social justice and mercy –Go forth to love and serve the Lord – Christian mission, stewardship and vocation oA diocesan-wide Eucharistic celebration will culminate this 4-year process; launching the diocese and parishes into the realization, implementation and ongoing renewal of the S.E.E.D.S. objectives

7 The role of Catholic Schools in the Living Eucharist Initiative & Your role as a Catholic School Faculty/Staff Member in the Diocese of St. Petersburg Jim Deputy

8 History of Catholic Schools The Gospel calls us to serve others. Our vocation in Catholic schools calls us to joyfully live out this mission.

9 Church Documents The documents issued by the Church speak of the rich tradition of Catholic education and call us to live our vocation to the fullest.

10 The Catholic School 1977 Pope Paul VI The Catholic school loses its purpose without constant reference to the Gospel and a frequent encounter with Christ.

11 Divini Illius Magistri 1929 Pope Pius XI Perfect schools are the result of not so much good methods as of good teachers,...

12 Gravissimum Educationis 1965 Pope Paul VI Teachers must remember that it depends chiefly on them whether the Catholic school achieves its purpose.

13 The Catholic School 1977 Pope Paul VI The achievement of this specific aim of the Catholic school (teaching for the growth of faith) depends not so much on subject matter or methodology as on the people who work there. The extent to which the Christian message is transmitted through education depends to a very great degree on the teachers.

14 Catholic Eucharist 101 Brian Lemoi

15 Catholic Eucharist 101 Thanksgiving Memorial (re-presentation) Sacrifice Ritual Meal

16 Real and Living Presence of Jesus: -In the elements of bread and wine transformed into the Body & Blood of Jesus transubstantiation -In the Word of God proclaimed -In the people assembled -In the priest

17 What We Claim to Celebrate Gods Covenant Relationship with His People Christ who died, Christ who resurrected and Christ who will come again The Kingdom of God that already is and is to come

18 Eucharist and Ecumenism What we share in common with other Christian denomination/traditions: –Baptism!!! –Bible Foundations –Lectionary: Lutherans, Episcopalians proclaim the same Sunday readings as the Catholic Church –Desire for communion –Elements of the Rite and Ritual

19 Eucharist and Ecumenism How we differ vis-à-vis other Christian denominations/traditions: –Biblical Perspective and Interpretation –Significance of the Sacrament and Real Presence –Ministerial PriesthoodHoly Orders

20 Practical Considerations –What about Mass at school and receiving communion? Handout: Guidelines for Non-Catholics Receiving CommunionWho Can Go to Holy Communion? United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Spiritual Communion and/or blessing from the priest

21 Called to Be Nourishment for All: The Role of Catholic and Non- Catholic Teachers in Catholic Schools Jim Deputy

22 Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School 1988 Pope John Paul II From the moment that a student sets foot in a Catholic school, he or she ought to have the impression of entering a new environment, one illumined by the light of faith, and having its own unique characteristics.

23 Religious Dimension 1988 Many of the students will attend a Catholic schooloften the same schoolfrom the time they are very young children until they are nearly adults. It is often an extension of their homes, and therefore a school-home ought to have some of the amenities which can create a pleasant and happy family atmosphere.

24 The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium 1997 Teaching has an extraordinary moral depth and is one of mans most excellent and creative activities, for the teacher does not write on inanimate material, but on the very spirits of human beings.

25 Objective: …to engage in meaningful conversations about the call of the Lord in all of our lives and how we foster that call and response… Bishop Robert Lynch

26 Our challenge: Allow the Word of God to be a living presence in our classrooms and schools. Provide frequent opportunities to encounter Christ. Incorporate the faith dimension in the subject you teach.

27 Integration of Learning Brian and Jim and all participants

28 Integration of Learning In groups of two or three, discuss: What did you hear that encouraged, challenged, surprised or puzzled you?

29 Q & A Concluding Remarks

30 Closing Prayer and Commissioning

31 Prayer of Blessing & Commissioning Lord God, source of all wisdom and knowledge, bless our brothers and sisters who join the efforts of their Catholic school communities to proclaim your message of faith, hope, and love in communion with all who seek to know and love you through your Word and your Sacraments. Strengthen them with your gifts, that they may teach by word and example the truth that comes from you. Amen

32 Resources and Bibliography Book of Readings on the Eucharist, Pastoral Liturgy Series # 3, Bishops Committee on the Liturgy, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2006. or 800-235-8722, Publication # 5-706 Catechism of the Catholic Church, The Vatican, 1994, 1997, Published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Paragraphs 1322-1419 or 800-235-8722, Publication # 5-706 The Catholic School, The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, The Vatican, 1977, The Catholic School: On the Threshold of the Third Milennium, The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, 1998,

33 Resources and Bibliography Divini Illius Magistri (On the Christian Education of Youth), 1929, Pope Pius XI, Eucharist: Source and Summit of Life and Mission of the Church, Maureen Gallagher and Jean Marie Hiesberger, 2004, Archdiocese of Milwaukee, published by Liturgical Publications Inc,, 800-950-9952 Evangelization in the Catholic School, Rose L. Bennett, National Conference for Catechetical Leadership, 2003, From Maintenance to Mission: Evangelization and the Revitalization of the Parish, Robert S. Rivers, CSP, Paulist Press, 2005, Gravissimum Educationis (Declaration on Christian Education), The Basic Sixteen Documents of Vatican Council II, Austin Flannery, O.P., General Editor, 1996, Costello Publishing Company, Northport, NY.

34 Resources and Bibliography Go and Make Disciples, A National Plan and Strategy for Catholic Evangelization in the United States, 1993, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, or 800-235-8722, Publication # 556-9 Living Eucharist: Gathered, Nourished, Sent, A Pastoral Letter from the Most Reverend Robert N. Lynch, Bishop of St. Petersburg to the Church of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, November 25, 2007 The Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School: Guidelines for Reflection and Renewal, The Congregation for Catholic Education, Rome, 1988 Who Can Go to Holy Communion?, Walking Together Series, a publication of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2007, or 800-235-8722, Publication #

35 Photo Credits,8599,1113226,00.html The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,8599,1113226,00.html =37391 Cross with sunlight =37391 Crucifix

36 What Non-Catholics Need to Know About Eucharist Presented by James Deputy & Brian Lemoi

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