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Curriculum Preview Ms.Moona K.G-O March 1-7,2011.

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2 Curriculum Preview Ms.Moona K.G-O March 1-7,2011

3 The City School Kindergarten II Latifabad Ms.Moona K.G-2 January 2011 to May 2011

4 Mathematics Counting 51-100 Mental Math Subtraction Place value Fractions Time Pentagon Money

5 English Dipthones Sentences Creative writing Picture story Looking at dictionary Recipe Word chain Cross words

6 science Camouflage Hibernation Germination Animals active at night Parts of plants we eat

7 General Knowledge Neighbors Religion Festivals Continents and oceans Landforms Save Earth

8 Values Education Peace Conflicts resolution Arms are for hugging not for shoving You are wonderful too Love Respect Give me flower not thorns Tolerance Co-Operation Honesty World can be flower or thorns

9 Learning outcomes Through the activities of respective subjects children will enhance their language skills, grass motor and fine motor skill, as well as they learn how to co-operate and respect others.

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