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Central Receiving Center (CRC) Phase II April 10, 2007.

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1 Central Receiving Center (CRC) Phase II April 10, 2007

2 Presentation Outline Central Receiving Center (CRC) Update CRC Phase II Future Board Items Action Requested

3 Presentation Outline Central Receiving Center (CRC) Update CRC Phase II Future Board Items Action Requested

4 History Crisis in the Orange County Jail Jail had become the defacto mental health facility Jail Oversight Commission formed CRC a major recommendation of the Medical, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Committee Governing Board established CRC Update

5 CRC Governing Board and Oversight 23-member board Active participation of members Oversight and direction regarding mental health initiatives

6 CRC Governing Board Members The Honorable Belvin Perry, Jr. The Honorable Lydia Gardner The Honorable Kevin Beary The Honorable Andy Gardiner The Honorable John Mica (Honorary) The Honorable Linda Stewart The Honorable Robert Wesley Mr. Bud Brewer Ms. Carolann Duncan Mr. Roger Duryea Mrs. Linda Bevan Mr. Pete Gauntlett Mr. Richard Irwin Mr. Dick Jacobs Mr. Jerry Kassab Mr. Michael Mathes Ms. Joan Nelson Ms. Mary McKinnon Mr. Richard Morrison Mr. William Vose Mrs. Mary I. Johnson Mr. Bill Owen Mrs. Alana Brenner

7 CRC Update Operational since April 2003 Integrated 24/7 model Central point of access for integrated assessment for Baker Act (mental health) and Marchman Act (substance abuse) Involuntary placement for Law Enforcement use in Orange County State of the art facility, only one of its kind in the State of Florida

8 CRC Update 2005 award recipient as most innovative program – from Department of Children and Families and Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association Partnerships with Department of Children and Families, Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare, The Center for Drug Free Living, Human Services Associates, Florida Hospital and Orlando Regional Healthcare

9 CRC Update April 2003/March 2007: Approximately 17,000 screened Over 20% of those brought to the CRC are homeless Of those screened: 15,077 placed in mental health beds 1,646 placed in substance abuse beds Over 6,702 consumers diverted from emergency departments Over 8% consumers diverted, saving 7,430 jail beds days to date

10 CRC Update Gives law enforcement an alternative to arrest Law enforcement in and out of the facility within 11 minutes on average Consumers placed in most appropriate community resource within 24 hours

11 CRC Update Legislative Efforts 04/05 Legislative Session Majority Leader Andy Gardiner championed a $2.8 M nonrecurring appropriation $500 K (Sen. Martinez) federal appropriation for housing program (Phase II CRC) 05/06 Legislative Session CBIRs in House and Senate $3 M Non Recurring appropriation Leader Gardiner and Senator Siplin sponsors 06/07 Legislative Session Orange County Legislative Priority $3 M Rep. Gardiner and Senator Posey

12 Presentation Outline Central Receiving Center (CRC) Update CRC Phase II Future Board Items Action Requested

13 Permanent Housing Shelter + Care HUD, SRO Low income Central Receiving Center Phase II 3-6 months VOLUNTARY Phase II Phase II (Including Timeframe) CRC Center for Drug Free Living Detox 3-5 days Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare Crisis Stabilization Unit / Short-term Residential Treatment Unit 3-4 days Florida Hospital or Orlando Regional Centers for Behavioral Health 3-4 days Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare Hospital 3-4 days INVOLUNTARY Law Enforcement Officer Central Receiving Center < 23 hours

14 CRC Phase II Subcommittee Membership CRC Governing Board Members Rich Morrison -Chair Commissioner Linda Stewart – Co-Chair Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. Hon. Bob Wesley Alana Brenner Carolann Duncan Dick Jacobs Jerry Kassab Mike Mathes Bill Owen Staff to the Subcommittee Donna Wyche Mitchell Glasser Lamerial Daniels Walt Gallagher Bakari Burns Vicki Garner Joshua Kirven Angie Sharkey Cathy Jackson Mark Engelhardt, FMHI

15 CRC Phase II Goal Goal of Phase II is to stabilize and lead to permanent housing. All services provided will be directed toward this outcome.

16 CRC Phase II Program Description Forty bed transitional housing program length of stay 3-6 months Serving approximately 97 consumers per year Voluntary referrals from acute care settings Components of program to include comprehensive services Benefits determination (SSI/SSDI) Goal to lead to permanent housing, and self sufficiency

17 Project Location Maxwell Terrace Corner of John Young and Colonial Drive Maxwell Terrace Maxwell Terrace

18 Outside Buildings Main Buildings Outside Buildings

19 CRC Phase II Renovation Costs Total Facility Renovation Costs$700,000 Federal EDI grant via Senator Martinez - $500,000 State Homeless Grant- $200,000 Fully-funded Project timeline 9 months

20 CRC Phase II Operational Costs Program Operational Costs ** Total Program Costs $ 825,424 *HUD Continuum of Care Grant Homeless Services Network - $ 346,000 * OATH OATH commitment contingent upon County funding - $ 273,068 * Orange County Request $ 206,356 (** Lease $120,000, Staff $440,200, Operations $212,400, Administration $52,824) (* Funding Sources per year for three years)

21 Presentation Outline Central Receiving Center (CRC) Update CRC Phase II Future Board Items Action Requested

22 Future Board Items Contract to provider for EDI funds for renovations Contract to provider for operations

23 Presentation Outline Central Receiving Center (CRC) Update CRC Phase II Future Board Items Action Requested

24 Approval of $206,356 per year for operational funding of the Phase II CRC Project for a three year period.

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