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Spoken English Sybil Wang April. 21 st, 2012 Warm-up What do you hear?

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2 Spoken English Sybil Wang April. 21 st, 2012

3 Warm-up What do you hear?

4 Warm-up RULESRULES R U L E S 1. Two groups as usual. 2. A students from one group chooses to read one of the sentences aloud. 3. Students in the other group guess which is the one you heard.

5 Warm-up 1.The plane is here. 2. The play is here. 3. We arrive at 9. 4. We arrived at 9. 5. I am going to bite it. 6. I am going to buy it. 7. Keep playing. 8. Keen playing 9. Did you know? 10. Do you know?

6 Pre-class Reading Reading aloud part Reading aloud part

7 UNIT 7 Housing

8 Pre-class activity Share your ideal room Share your own room

9 Pre-class activity

10 Useful expressions house home apartment / flat two-bedroom apartment split-level house villa

11 Useful expressions bedroom sitting room / living room kitchen bathroom basement hallway storeroom garage

12 Useful expressions buy a house/an apartment/a home rent a house for sale for rent What is the rent? How much is the rent? It will be $300. This $300 rent include all the utilities. It is a bargain. (It is a good deal.)

13 Useful expressions a furnished house an unfurnished apartment a plain house a decorated apartment

14 Useful expressions Sofa Coffee table Single-bed Double-bed Stool Chair Carpet Dresser bookcase a piece of furniture many pieces of furniture What style furniture do you have? It is traditional/modern. Wed like to get a bed and a dresser for my bedroom.

15 Useful expressions amenity tap water gas gas pipeline electricity

16 Background information Read and Answer 1. What are the differences of living places in cities and in the suburbs? 2. How many ways can people find an apartment to live? 3. Which thing is very important in renting an apartment? And why?

17 Model dialogues 1.Read 2.Recite 3.Re-act out

18 Situation Suppose one sees a poster of an apartment to let. And one is interested in it. So that person calls and asks for information: Rooms, floor, facilities, rent, cost of utilities, address, deposit Task: 1. Suppose you are the landlord/landlady, describe your apartment. 2. Make a dialogue of with your partner.

19 The layout of the apartment My apartment is located at Tianma residential quarter, No. 3 Tianma road. RMB: 550 Yuan a month If you are interested in it, please call me at 0731- 45862434 To let

20 Situation To let It is an 5-room apartment, there are one bedroom, a sitting room, a bathroom and a kitchen with a balcony attached. The sitting room is a large one, so that you can hold parties in it. Whats more, the bedroom looks to the south, therefore, it is bright. The apartment is on the 4 th floor, which is located at Tianma residential quarter, No. 3 Tianma road. It is near a bus stop. Transportation here is very convenient. The is a plain apartment, but furnished. Weve got all the utilities. And the rent is 500 RMB per month, utilities included. If you are interested, please contact me at: 0731-45862434.

21 Situation A: You want to rent a flat and see an advertisement in the newspaper. So you telephone the owner to inquire about it. You ask him/her about the address, the condition (such as heating and cooking) of the flat and the rent. B: You are Mr. Green. You have a flat to rent and have put an advertisement in the newspaper. A man/woman telephones to inquire about the flat. You answer his/her question that the flat will be available from next month.

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