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IG Pro & CMS.

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1 IG Pro & CMS

2 Getting Started Double click InteGrade Pro Icon on Desktop
2. Select Open a gradebook on a server 3. Click OK (Always open your gradebook on the server.)

3 Opening IG Pro Double click your school server icon
On the Login to Server window, Enter your User ID Enter the Password Note: You will be prompted to change your password (discussed on the next slide) and that will be the password you will use to login in from now on

4 Setting Password 1.Type in your school password
that you use for everything else 2. Re-type your school password Note: This will only be done the first time

5 Open-Gradebook 1. Double click on your gradebook file or click it and then click open at the bottom

6 Open-Gradebook 1. The computer will then download the gradebook files
Once it finishes, you will be able to click ok to continue A window will pop-up saying Auto-update from administration system complete – click ok

7 Opened Gradebook Now your gradebook is opened and should look like the screen shot below

8 Setting Up Your Spreadsheets
1. Select the class for which you want to create new spreadsheets 2. Click on Setup on the menu bar at the top of the screen 3. Click on Spreadsheets

9 Setting Up Your Spreadsheets
4. Click on New 5. Make sure “Create a Numeric Spreadsheet” is selected. 6. Click Next

10 Setting Up Your Spreadsheets
7. Type your Name for the New Spreadsheet Ex. 1st Six Weeks (1st Period) 3rd Six Weeks (4th Period) Semester Average 8. Click Next 9. Select “Weighted Type” 10. Click Create 11. For each class you teach, you must create a spreadsheet for each six weeks and a semester average spreadsheet

11 Setting Up Grading Rules
1. Click Setup on the menu bar 2. Click Grading Rules 3. Click the tab “Type Sets” 4. The default grading rules and classes are displayed A Set is the Class Name A Type is a Grade Type You can rename both sets and types to your liking or create new ones Enter the percentages that each grading component will have for your classes SOL and Non-SOL classes must be setup as different sets at the high school because of the six weeks percentages

12 Setting Up Grading Rules
There must be a type for every six weeks you teach a class. For a semester class at the high school you would need 3 six weeks types and for a year long class you would need 6 six weeks types. If the class has an exam, it would also need an exam type. To create these types, click New Type and type the name in the box (Mark 1, etc.). Then click create. Repeat this for as many types as you need. (Note: You could rename some instead of creating if there are any available.

13 High School Grading Rules
Non-SOL Semester Class 1st Six Weeks (or 4th) 2nd Six Weeks (or 5th) 3rd Six Weeks (or 6th) Exam SOL Semester Class 1st Six Weeks (or 4th) 2nd Six Weeks (or 5th) 3rd Six Weeks (or 6th) SOL Year-Long Class 1st Six Weeks 2nd Six Weeks 3rd Six Weeks 4th Six Weeks 5th Six Weeks 6th Six Weeks

14 Middle School Grading Rules
Regular Middle School Classes 1st Six Weeks 2nd Six Weeks 3rd Six Weeks 4th Six Weeks 5th Six Weeks 6th Six Weeks High School Credit Middle School Classes 1st Six Weeks 2nd Six Weeks 3rd Six Weeks 4th Six Weeks 5th Six Weeks 6th Six Weeks Exam

15 Setting Up Grading Rules
8. A completed grading rules table would look similar to below. Whatever you do, please ask questions of your IGPro representative in your building if you are not sure you have set everything up correctly. This can cause the grades to be incorrect at the end of a semester!

16 Entering Grades To enter grades, first you need to select the correct six weeks spreadsheet Then click on Tasks in the menu bar and select New Tasks and click next You can also create new tasks from the edit tasks option

17 Entering Grades In the New Task Box, Type a task name
Select a Task Type from the drop-down menu Enter 100 for the out of raw box and hit tab Everything else is optional Click Create

18 Entering Grades On your spreadsheet, the new task should be there and you can enter the students’ grades by highlighting the cell and entering the grade

19 Entering Grades Repeat steps 1-5 to enter grades for each class for every assignment that you want in the gradebook

20 End of Six Weeks Before doing anything, print a spreadsheet report and check to make sure all of your tasks are correct. In other words, make sure that Homework #1 is a Homework and not a Test Grade. Also print a missing tasks report to make sure there are no missing assignments

21 End of Six Weeks Once you are certain everything is correct, go to your End Term spreadsheet for the Six Weeks that has just ended. Right click on the Gray Section that says ___ 6wks Grade and it will bring up a menu like below Click on replace task

22 End of Six Weeks Select the correct Six Weeks Numeric Spreadsheet and either double click or highlight and click Next.

23 End of Six Weeks Now select the __ 6wks Spreadsheet Grade from the new list and click next.

24 End of Six Weeks Now select Letter Grade from the list and click next.

25 End of Six Weeks Click OK at the bottom of the screen. Hot link is an available option for automatically updating grades. The company has reported problems with this feature and we have not been using it. If you choose to use it, you still need to check grades to make sure that they are correct before submitting them.

26 End of Six Weeks Your grades should now be in the column for each student. Now you need to enter comments for students. To do this simply right click in Comment #1 or Comment #2 across from the student and select the appropriate comment for that student. It is up to the principals whether every student gets a comment or not. You can give every student two comments. If you only give one, be sure to use Comment #1.

27 End of Six Weeks Make sure that the grades on the end term are the same as on the six weeks spreadsheet. You can print both by opening that spreadsheet and clicking on the printer and selecting Spreadsheet Report. Once you have finished placing the grades for all of your classes on the End Term Spreadsheet, you can export grades by clicking on File in the menu bar and selecting Export from Gradebook. A screen will open up. Make sure the correct Six Weeks is selected for being exported and click Next.

28 End of Six Weeks At the next screen, check the Continue with export anyway option and click next.

29 End of Six Weeks Now click Export and your grades have been sent. You only have to export once, so make sure you have completed the grades for all of your classes and placed them on the End Term before exporting. If grades change after exporting, contact a guidance counselor.

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