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Spoken English Sybil Wang March. 23 rd, 2012 UNIT 5.

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2 Spoken English Sybil Wang March. 23 rd, 2012

3 UNIT 5

4 Warm-up Dont say yes or no Dont say yes or no Y N

5 Warm-up RULESRULES R U L E S I will ask you some questions about anything, and try to make you say yes or no. But you cant say yes or no. If you say these two words, you have to say a song.

6 Warm-up An example for you T: Whats your name? S: My name is Ricky. T: Is your name Ricky? S: Thats right/ T: Your name isnt Ricky, is it? S: Yes, it is. (You lose the game)

7 Class activity Listen and learn a song By my side

8 kiss me, goodbye, gone too soon I did give you my heart cant deny ________________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________ pretty faces around but not right dont cry, wont cry, I wont cry _______________________________ _____________________________________ ____________________________________ but in my dreams never try to hold you tight dont want awake find you ain't here by my side Da da …(repeat 3 times) ___________________________________ Class activity when I wake up hope you were here by my side hold on, let go, never sure only can make believe all this time be with you I just close my eyes so far away I can hardly make you mine so long the day you were always on my mind coffee, cigarettes, not my style

9 Pre-class Reading Reading aloud part Reading aloud part

10 Background information When you are invited to have a dinner at ones house in America, what should you do ? Here are some tips for you

11 Background information 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

12 Background information Read and Think 1. If you are a host or hostess, what will you say when you offer food to your guest? 2. If you are a guest invited, what if you dont like some food? 3. When eating out, what if you dont know whether you should tip the waiter/waitress?

13 Useful Expressions Meals breakfast brunch lunch supper mid-night snack dinner banquet buffet barbeque Order of the food served Soup Appetizer Main course Dessert Tea & Coffee

14 Useful Expressions Lets go eat! Lets go to dinner! Its on me. Its my treat. I am buying. Go Dutch! Lets split! Dinner is ready! Lets eat up! Help yourself! I cant manage another bite. Cheers! Bottoms up! To your health/our friendship/cooperation! Look at the expressions in page 47

15 Revision Words of meals And courses of a western cuisine Expressions used in dining and drinking Look at the expressions in page 47

16 Conversation They call me coffee Jack. I was called Tea-pot.

17 Situation & situation analysis You are invited to have a dinner in an American household on Tuesday night. So you arrived on time, and bring a bottle of wine or flowers. When having dinner, you are offered a piece of large rare steak. You are not certain if you are expected to eat it all. After the meal you say goodbye, and appreciate the host. Make your conversation.

18 Sample dialogue Kate: Are you free at 7:00 Tuesday evening? I want you to come over for a light meal. Vanessa: Er, I am free at that time. I can make it. Its my pleasure. Shall I bring something along? Kate: No, just yourself. Vanessa : All right. I will be there. Thanks. Kate: See you then. Bye. Kate: Hi, Vanessa, I am looking forward to seeing you. Come in. Vanessa : I bring some flowers. Here you are. Kate: Thank you. Now, dinner is ready. Lets eat up. Vanessa : I am sorry. I dont know much table manners. Am I suppose to finish all the stake? If I cant finish it. Can I get it to go? Kate: The only rule you need to observe is feeling at home and eating more. If you cant finish it, I will pack it for you. Vanessa: I really had a square meal. Thank you for your hospitality and your dinner. Kate: I am glad you like it.

19 Pair Work A: You and your friend Joe want to have diner in a restaurant at the weekend for a change, but you cant decide which one to go. So you are discussing it with Joe. You think Sprite Restaurant, which serves Chinese food, is the best one nearby, which Joe believes that Black Cat Restaurant, which is famous for Western food, is better. Finally, you decide to try the Black Cat this time, and go to Spirit next time. B: You will eat out with your friend Andy this weekend, but you two have different ideas as to where to eat. Andy wants to go to a Chinese Restaurant, but you think Black Cat Restaurant, which serves Western food, is the best one and hope to eat there. You discuss the problem, and finally, you persuade Andy to go to the Black Cat this time, and you promise that you can go to the Chinese restaurant next week.

20 Homework Do a presentation about junk food You need to survey the following things: 1.What is junk food? How many kinds of junk food in our diet? 2.How many people are there in your class who care for junk food? 3. Why do they like junk food? And why dont like? 4. Talk about the bad effects that junk food has. 5. Your own opinions.

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