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Walton County School District 2013-2014. Title I is a federal program designed to offer supplemental services and supplies to schools with a high rate.

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1 Walton County School District 2013-2014

2 Title I is a federal program designed to offer supplemental services and supplies to schools with a high rate of poverty. The goal of Title I is to give EVERY child a high-quality education.

3 Title I can help: Children to be more successful in school Parents to have a voice in their child’s education Teachers to collaborate with parents to assist their child’s education

4 The Title I program starts with: The Federal Government They provide funds to the states each year for Title I after the state sends a plan in detailing What children know and should be able to do High- quality standards that children are expected to meet Ways that student progress will be measured

5 State Education Agencies (The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE)) receive the money from the Federal Government. The Florida Department of Education will then send the money to the districts based on the number of families that receive free and reduced lunches

6 Once the Local School District receives the money from the State The Local School District then identifies eligible schools and distributes the funds

7 When the funds have been received by the Title I schools the parents, administrators, teachers and staff devise a plan to: Identify students who need the most help Measure student progress using the state standards Develop programs that help to supplement classroom instruction Involve parents in every part of the program

8 In Walton County we currently have 5 schools that are considered Title I schools: West DeFuniak Elementary Mossy Head School Maude Saunders Elementary Freeport Elementary Walton Academy Charter School

9 Title I offers programs to help student achievement such as: Additional teachers and paraprofessionals Additional training for school staff Extra time for instruction Various teaching methods and materials Tutoring

10 Parents are “SUPER” important to your child’s education Your involvement shows: How important your child is How education is important to you That you and the school are a team

11 Communication is KEY: Share information about your child Assess whether your child’s needs are being met Be sure to look over progress reports Ask questions

12 Work with your child at home Volunteer in the school Communicate with your child & the school staff Become and stay involved in your school and district parent involvement councils to have input in - Determining goals for the Title I program Planning and carrying out the Title I program Evaluating the Title I program

13 Attend meetings and read our compact and plans Annual Title I Meeting Provides information about Title I and your rights and responsibilities as a parent Describes what the school is offering to meet students’ needs Provides access to other parents as well as teachers for collaboration The Parent-School Compact States the goals and responsibilities of school, parents and students Title I Parent Involvement Plan Allows parents to understand and take part in your child’s education

14 Get to know your child’s school Attend school events Visit the classroom Volunteer in the school Join organizations for the parents Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences Request additional meetings Stay informed Keep teachers informed Ask about informational programs

15 Set a good example at home Let your child see you: Read the newspaper, magazines or books Write letters, grocery lists or in a journal Use math to prepare a budget, compare prices or even when cooking

16 Make Learning Fun!!!!!! Help your child build language, reading and math skills Play games Crosswords, dot to dot, tic-tac-toe, word games Outings Help your child read signs while shopping Trips Create stories about where you are going, count license plates from different states

17 Visit the public library Check out materials available at your school Read to your child Ask your child to read to you

18 Meet your child on common ground when trying to engage them on the importance of their education. Limit TV time Encourage good study habits Allow breaks Agree on a set study time Arrange a quiet place to work Show respect for study time Be ready to HELP

19 Let your child know you are interested in his or her day. Ask detailed questions What are you learning about in Science? What was your favorite part of Math today? What did you do in PE today? What book are you reading in class this week?

20 Ask to see your child’s schoolwork DO show your interest DO talk about school in a positive way DO ask questions DO have your child explain the lesson to you DON’T criticize DON’T compare it to another child’s work

21 Praise your child on their effort and improvement Let your child know you are proud of them Do not make grades the primary focus

22 Learn about your local Title I program Take advantage of what Title I has to offer Get involved in your child’s education

23 Title I Department Please contact us if you have any questions 850-892-1154

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