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Lymphagogues Botanical Medicine 2 Fall 2009 Sheila Kingsbury, ND, RH (AHG)

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1 Lymphagogues Botanical Medicine 2 Fall 2009 Sheila Kingsbury, ND, RH (AHG)

2 Phytolacca americana

3 Stillingia sylvatica Prostatin (Diterpene ester) Hoxsey formula –Arctium –Glycyrrhiza –Frangula –Berberis –Stillingia –And more…

4 Veronicastrum virginicum

5 Ceanothus americanus

6 Galium aparine

7 Calendula officinalis

8 Case 1 A 4-year-old boy comes in with an infected cut on his right hand. He cut himself on a rock when he fell off his bike a couple of days ago. The cut bled well and was washed out at the time. No treatments were applied, just band-aids since then. The cut is now red about 1 cm out around the cut. The wound is soft and pus filled and weepy. His cubital lymph nodes are palpable on the right. He does not have a fever or joint pain. What are some herbal ways to treat this wound? What preparations, dose, timing or adjunctive treatments could you use? What would you advise in terms of follow up?

9 Case 2 A 6-year-old boy comes in with a history of frequent colds, ear infections and urinary tract infections. He gets colds and coughs about every month and seems to be sick all winter long. He currently has a runny nose and tonsillar/cervical lymphadenopathy. He does not have a fever, his appetite is still good and his behavior is unchanged. What herbal formula might you put together for this child? What preparation, dose and for what length of time would you prescribe it? What would your follow up be?

10 Case 3 A 50 year old man comes to you wanting to detox. He is moderately overweight with acne and skin rashes. He eats mostly carbohydrates (bread, pasta, chips) and meat but has recently tried to introduce more fruits and vegetables. His skin broke out more when he did that and he is concerned he is reacting to the new foods. He reports occasional hemorrhoids and a recent history of BPH. During the physical examination you note hepatomegaly, palpable femoral lymph nodes and a boggy prostate gland. His BP is 126/80 and his HR is 80. Create an herbal formula that might be useful for this patient. What preparation, dose, timing or adjunctive care would you advise?

11 Case 4 A 30-year-old female comes to you wanting a preventative formula for malaria and other parasites because she is going to Africa and doesnt want to take the malaria medications. She is generally healthy with no history of liver, spleen or blood disorders. She eats well and drinks plenty of water. She does not currently have any gastrointestinal symptoms or any history of fever and chills. Her only significant medical history is mild dysmenorrhea with her monthly cycles. What herbs might you suggest she take on her trip and in what preparation and dose?

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