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Program Name or Ancillary Federal Energy Management Program Executive Order 13514 and the Emerging Federal Framework for GHG Management.

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1 Program Name or Ancillary Federal Energy Management Program Executive Order 13514 and the Emerging Federal Framework for GHG Management Matt Gray FEMP Program Analyst November 3, 2009

2 22 FEMP Mission Facilitate the Federal Government’s implementation of sound, cost-effective energy management & investment practices to enhance the nation’s energy security & environmental stewardship

3 33 On October 5, President Obama Signed Executive Order 13514, Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance. President Obama Signing EO 13514

4 Executive Order 13514 establishes numerous goals for Federal agencies. EO 13514 represents a transformative shift in the way the government operates by: 1.establishing GHGs as the integrating metric for tracking progress in Federal sustainability 2.requiring a deliberative planning process 3.linking to budget allocations and OMB scorecards to ensure goal achievement. E.O. 13423 Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management (January 29, 2007) is not revoked by the new E.O.; the requirements of that Order remain in effect. EO 13514 framework 4

5 FEMP and Agency GHG Requirements Milestones 55 Provide electronic GHG reporting capability Submit to CEQ input on agency adaptation actions Complete top down agency-wide GHG inventory Submit Scope 1 & 2 target goals for 2020* Submit to CEQ/OMB recommended GHG reporting guidance Issue guidance on Federal fleet management Complete comprehensive 2010 GHG inventory Submit Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan, in concert with 2012 budget submission* Submit Scope 3 target goals for 2020* 1/3/11 10/5/10 4/5/10 6/2/10 1/4/10 * Scored & Approved by OMB & CEQ Green: FEMP-Specific Tasks Black: Agency Requirements Prepare GHG Target tool (done) Designate Senior Sustainability Officer 11/5/09 Participate in recommendations for addressing vendor and contractor GHG emissions

6 The new Executive Order also requires agencies to meet sustainability targets, including:  Achieve 30% reduction in vehicle fleet petroleum use by 2020  Achieve 26% reduction in potable & 20% reduction in industrial, landscaping, & agricultural water consumption by 2020  Comply with new EPA stormwater management guidance  Achieve 50% recycling & waste diversion by 2015  Requires that 95% of all applicable procurement contracts will meet sustainability requirements  Requires 15% of buildings meet the Guiding Principles for High Performance and Sustainable Buildings by 2015  Design all new Federal buildings which begin the planning process by 2020 to achieve zero-net energy by 2030 Other EO 13514 Goals 6

7 7 GHG Emissions by Scope … and PURCHASED STEAM … and FUGITIVE EMISSIONS GHG Emissions by Scope Compliance with EO 13514 means agencies will have to gather data on Scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions from a number of sources. … and EMPLOYEE COMMUTING 7

8 Key Agencies: Public Sector GHG Protocol Consistent accounting approach Policies and Regulations Establish GHG requirements (EO 13514) Federal Guidance Implement regulation, provide assistance Agency Plans Organizational approach Inventory Agency / Facility level account EPA, all agencies CEQ, OMB CEQ, DOE, DOD, DOI, EPA, GSA All agencies GHG Accounting Hierarchy All agencies 8

9 9 EPA Climate Leaders Guidance ISO 14064 Standards CCAR Reporting Protocol Public Sector Protocol WBCSD/WRI GHG Protocol The Climate Registry Protocol GHG Inventory Protocols / Guidance

10 Key Goals of Federal GHG Road Test 1.Test and update protocol –Apply principles in the Corporate Std. to unique structures and needs of local, state and federal agencies –Internal operations, not community-wide –Develop key components of GHG inventory; complete inventory not required 2.Inform the Public Sector Protocol (PSP) implementation guidance by gaining critical insight into practical implementation issues 3.Prepare for short- and long-term policy requirements 4.Build up federal institutional knowledge on GHG accounting 10

11 11  Faster  Cheaper  Less Detailed  Less Site Ownership  Slower  More Expensive  More Detailed  More Site Ownership Top-down Headquarters level Use existing data systems Standardized calculation Bottom-up Equipment level Detailed site-specific data Customized calculation Rollup to headquarters level Approaches to Completing a GHG Inventory

12 Agency Road Testers Department of Agriculture –Forest Service Department of Commerce –NIST Department of Defense –Defense Logistics Agency –Air Force –Army –Navy Department of Energy –Pacific Northwest National Lab –National Renewable Energy Lab Department of Health and Human Services Department of Labor Department of the Interior –Bureau of Land Management –Fish and Wildlife Service –Minerals Management Agency –National Parks Service (10 parks) Department of Justice –Drug Enforcement Administration Department of State Environmental Protection Agency General Services Administration National Aeronautics and Space Administration Postal Service Tennessee Valley Authority Veterans Affairs 12

13 SOME KEY ISSUES: Organizational Boundaries Scope 3 Emissions Base Year Recalculation Renewable Energy Credits and Offsets Biogenic Emissions and Sequestration Reporting GHG Emissions Validation and Verification GHG Protocol in Context 13

14 14 FEDERAL: Federal reporting similar to Annual Energy Report NATIONAL: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACESA) – Markey/Waxman –Stationary sources emitting more than 25k metric tons of CO2 equivalent per year –Facilities with on-site power plant or landfill must also report emissions –Emitters must report emissions in 2011 for 2007- 2010, and quarterly thereafter NATIONAL: EPA Mandatory GHG rulemaking, reporting in 2010 REGIONAL: e.g. RGGI STATE and LOCAL: e.g. California GHG REGISTRIES: e.g. Climate Registry Regional GHG Initiatives Example: Multiple GHG reporting requirements

15 Timeline for Road Test and Guidance (Sep 09 – Apr 10) SepOctNovDecJanFebMar Draft Guidance v1 External Review Federal PSP Road Test Road Testers Guidance Leads Kickoff (9/10) PSP Prov. Released Meeting (10/8) Meeting (11/5) Meeting (12/3) Final PSP Released Draft v2 #1 Formal Comment Periods #2 DOE to CEQ 15

16 Briefings and General information: –Public Sector Protocol (PSP) –PSP Road Test –GHG Guidance Development 1-1 technical assistance Available Inventory Tools Reporting Tool Case study Development Training (e.g. GovEnergy course) Coordination through emails, meetings, and: – FedCenter ( – FEMP GHGs ( – Public Sector Protocol ( Available FEMP Support 16

17 17 Thank You! Matt Gray Federal Energy Management Program (202) 586-0067

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