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11.2 Imperialism World History.

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1 11.2 Imperialism World History

2 Forms of Control European countries demanded influence over the economic, political and social lives of the people in Africa They wanted to shape Africa in a way that would benefit European economies They also wanted Africans to adopt European customs

3 Forms of Control Europeans developed four forms of colonial control
Colony Protectorate Sphere of influence Economic imperialism

4 Colony Colony- A country or territory governed internally by a foreign power Example- Somaliland in East Africa was a French colony. Before independence the U.S. was a British colony

5 Protectorate Protectorate-A country or territory with its own internal government but under the control of an outside power Example- Britain established a protectorate over the Niger river Delta

6 Sphere of Influence Sphere of Influence- An area in which an outside power claims exclusive investment and trading rights Example-Liberia was under the sphere of influence of the U.S.

7 Economic Imperialism Economic Imperialism- An independent but less developed country controlled by private businesses rather than governments Example- The Dole Fruit Company controlled pineapple trade in Hawaii

8 Imperial Management Methods
Indirect Control Local government officials used Limited self rule Goal- to develop future leaders Governments are based on European style but have local leaders Direct Control Foreign officials are brought in to rule No self-rule Goal-assimilation Government is based only on European style

9 Imperial Management Methods
Indirect Control allowed that country to have some independence Direct Control expected to control everything These countries believed that Africans were unable to handle running their country They established policies of paternalism and assimilation

10 paternalism and assimilation
paternalism- governing people like children. Providing for their needs but not giving them rights assimilation- based on the idea that local populations would adopt European culture and become like the Europeans. This view regarded African culture as inferior

11 Assignment 1. In what areas did Europeans want to influence Africa?
2. What were the four manage methods used to control African nations? 3. Choose two of these methods and explain them. Also provide an example of each. 4. Differentiate between direct and indirect control of a country. 5. Define paternalism and assimilation.

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