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User Awareness & Training: MARINE Bucharest, Romania – 9 th November 2013 Antonio Guarnieri.

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1 User Awareness & Training: MARINE Bucharest, Romania – 9 th November 2013 Antonio Guarnieri

2 Contents Overview of the Copernicus Marine service Brief History Services (approach, products, users, etc..) Possible Applications Live Demonstration – Navigation through the Portal Discovery service Viewing service Downloading service Live Demonstration – Use of Products Preliminary use through free software Summary & Questions

3 Context and brief history What is the COPERNICUS Marine Service? A service providing information on the state of the physical oceans and regional seas Why? To sustain and allow the development of a whole set of activities at sea in the domains of marine resources, marine safety, coastal and marine environment, weather, climate and seasonal forecasting How? Through the service provided by MyOCEAN

4 The Service Today Within Copernicus and its Marine Service Fast Track, the EU consolidated past experiences and expertise in pre-operational ocean monitoring and forecasting capacity in Europe developed through precursor European projects: MERSEA ( BOSS4GMES ( GSE MARCOAST ( POLAR VIEW ( MyOCEAN (

5 The Service Today Need for synthesis and consolidation of all these precursor activities: MyOCEAN 2

6 MyOcean2 MyOcean 2 is the EU funded project through which the EU delivers the Copernicus marine service products Objective: Deliver and operate a rigorous, robust and sustainable Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting system of the GMES Marine Service; Partners: 59 partners in 29 Countries Funding: 28 Million Euros Duration: 30 months (April 2011-September 2013)

7 Marine Service – Four domains Marine Safety Marine Resources Coastal and Marine Environment Climate and Seasonal Forecast

8 Marine service – Approach Integrated – system of systems Open and Free – username and password Reliable – quality and availability Direct access – direct request of account, direct response User-Driven – fact sheets, questionnaires, workshops, dedicated WPs for User requirements

9 Marine Service – Organisation

10 The Catalogue An easy-to-navigate and detailed catalogue allows the Users to easily; Discover the products Get detailed information on the products View part of the products Access the products

11 The Products MONITORING MODELLING In-situ EO (re)analysis fcst The catalogue has been simplified: 107 products are currently now available

12 The Products MODELLING Currents Temperature Salinity Sea Ice (coverage, drtift, thikness) Sea Ice (coverage, drtift, thikness) MONITORING Sea Ice (coverage, drtift, thikness, temperature, density) Sea Ice (coverage, drtift, thikness, temperature, density) Temperature Salinity Currents SSH, MDT SSH Surface Winds PHYSICS

13 The Products MODELLING Chlorophyll Nutrients Oxygen MONITORING Primary Production Chlorophyll Oxygen Optical Properties BIOGEOCHEMISTRY

14 The Users User Evolution Users numbers have increased at an impressive rate due to… Reliability of the service Ease of data access QC and product information Registration simplicity All in one place Open and free service Catalogue simplicity Web Portal simplicity Common Data format Service Desk efficiency

15 Typology and Breakdown of the Users Some of the main users EMSA HELCOM OSPA National maritime safety agencies National Coast Guards ICES FAO National Fisheries Agencies EEA UNEP/MAP National Environmental Protection Agencies ECMWF Climate Research Centers National Weather Services

16 Possible applications and benefits Marine Resources Protection and sustainable management of living marine resources in particular for: Aquaculture Fishery research or regional fishery organisations Fish-stock management Ecology and biodiversity preservation Monitoring campaign planning

17 Example – Forecasting Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) Marine Resources ASIMUTH is a FP7 project: "Applied Simulations and Integrated Modelling for the Understanding of Toxic and Harmful Algal Blooms”. The project is designed to respond to the demand for short-term forecasts of HAB events along the European Atlantic coast u sing: MyOcean modelling data Satellite image analysis phytoplankton and biotoxin data Forecasts will be delivered directly to fish farmers and any other interested parties by means of mobile phone and internet technology

18 Possible applications and benefits Marine Safety Any safe activities at sea: Ship routing services (for safety and fuel optimization purposes) Search & rescue operations Oil Spill combat

19 Example – The Costa Concordia Accident January 2012, Italian Coast Search and Rescue and risk mitigation measures >2,400 tons of fuel Potential environmental impact on the Tuscan Archipelago National Park MyOcean provided the Italian Coast Guard Operational Centre with valuable up-to-date information on currents in the Mediterranean Sea Oil spill drift forecast (INGV) Marine Safety

20 Possible applications and benefits Coastal and Marine Environment Physical and marine biogeochemical components are particularly useful for: Water Quality monitoring and pollution control Support to Marine Strategy Framework Directive (SFD) (i.e. GES, target, water characterization) Coastal erosion studies and measures Efficient site selection for wind mills, marine turbines, green energy production devices in general

21 Example – Supporting MSFD The MSFD is going through its phase of practical implementation by the Member States. The focus is on: Need of producing initial assessments of the Member States' marine waters Taking account of existing data Determination of Good Environmental Status (GES) Establishment of Environmental Targets The MyOCEAN data are being used by several countries and institutions around Europe: Italy: physical and biogeochmical indicators UK: physical, biogeochmical & benthic habitat indicators Croatia: physical indicators Finland: physical indicators More…!!! Coastal and Marine Environment

22 Possible applications and benefits Climate and Seasonal Fcst The weather, climate and seasonal ocean forecasting is a fundamental instrument to: detect global warming through proxies such as the sea ice extent, concentration and volume Give decision makers the scientific instruments and basis to plan the marine and coastal management towards climate change Provide the boundary conditions to atmospheric models

23 Example – Sea ice extent in the Arctic Modeling and forecasting of changes in: Arctic topography The Arctic’s reaction to climate change Provides insight into: Ice extent Ice formation Ice melt Thanks to MyOcean, Arctic monitoring and forecasting information is being made openly available. Several modeling and forecasting climate centers use the ocean data. An important example of this is the project ICEMAR ( Coastal and Marine Environment

24 LIVE DEMONSTRATION CONTENTS During the live demonstration of the MARINE domain the following sections of the MyOCEAN portal will be shown: Overview of the portal and its generalities - 15 minutes: About us News and events Products Showcase Users Newsletters Education Press Edition corner Scientific Publications Areas of activity (Maritime Safety, Marine Resources, Coastal and Marine Environment, Weather Climate and Seasonal Forecast) - (5 minutes) A few selected examples of successful downstream use cases and user feedbacks Demonstration on Data Discovery (The catalogue – 20 minutes) Demonstration on Data Viewing (link through catalogue -10 minutes) Demonstration on Data access and downloading (requesting and receiving an account; how to download the data; direct download, automatic download, subsetting etc... – 10 minutes) Live demonstration on how to make quick and useful use of the downloaded products with simple, open and free software (30 minutes)


26 “NEWS and EVENTS”

27 “Products Showcase and Users Letters”


29 “Press Edition Corner”


31 “Areas of activity ”

32 “Demonstration on Data Discovery ” ETC…

33 “Demonstration on Data Discovery - information”

34 “Demonstration on Data Discovery ”


36 “Demonstration on Data Discovery - documentation”

37 “Demonstration on Data Viewing”

38 “Demonstration on Data Viewing: MyO APP”

39 “Demonstration on Data Access – registering”

40 “Demonstration on Data Access – data download”

41 “The Service Desk”

42 “Quick use of the data through Panoply”

43 “Quick use of the data through UVT”

44 Feedback Forms & Questions

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