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A platform of for knowledge and services sharing Fernando Ferri IRPPS-CNR.

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1 A platform of for knowledge and services sharing Fernando Ferri IRPPS-CNR

2 Are companies aware of all available financial supports (at local, national and international)? Can companies easily find and choose better partners for their business? Can companies easily know if a research institution can provide the scientific support they need? Can companies be easily reached without fill several forms? Are local governments and regions aware of policies and financial instruments proposed by other local governments and regions? Why the Knowing Resource Centre

3 Are local governments and regions aware of best practices and success case proposed by other local governments and regions? Can companies, institutions and other organizations know how efficacy is the communication of their websites? Can actors of the innovation join the scientific debate concerning hot topic of innovation? And many more …… Why the Knowing Resource Centre

4 The Knowing Resource Centre has the objective to enhance the cooperation of key institutional and economic actors and to exchange information on policies, tools and strategies for attracting and creating “innovation". The resource centre has been ideated aiming to be the tool for building and managing a wide community of communities sharing information, services, exchanging ideas, supporting knowledge economy, creativity and innovation. Resource Centre Objective

5 The Knowing Resource Centre can be understood as a shared or group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration and competition of many individuals that continually learns from feedback to produce just-in-time knowledge for better decisions The Resource Centre: a tool of collective intelligence

6 The four principles: - Openness: Collaboration predominate over the competition - Peering: Horizontal organization of people self- organized - Sharing: Sharing resources and intellectual property - Acting Globally: no geographical boundaries The Resource Centre: a tool of collective intelligence

7 The Resource Centre allows: -the creation of a transnational multilevel community; -the modelling of a permanent, sustainable online Resource Centre for constant interaction between stakeholders; -the development of supporting tools to provide information, knowledge and services for innovative and knowledge-based companies; - to access and analyze activities on internet social networks (for example Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and so on) - to create and manage repositories of documents Knowing Resource Centre

8 The functionalities Knowledge acquisition functionalities: browsing on-line information and services by using a tool that is based on the most popular search engine (Google,..) browsing shared information and services stored in the platform and organized according to an ontology of concepts browsing activities and information in the online communities (facebook, twitter and LinkedIn)

9 The functionalities Knowledge creation functionalities: enabling people to profile themselves, on the base of pre-defined profiles defining a new profile providing its features providing the profile information

10 The functionalities Knowledge storage functionalities: enabling people to organizing the retrieved on-line knowledge classifying it in: databases, directories, funding tools, services, social networks enabling people to organize the retrieved on-line information and services in personal databases allowing users to have a unique e-mail service that allows to manage all the personal accounts in a unified tool, accessing also information and services of interest contained in the e-mail definition of databases with set of data about projects and web links on innovation, creativity, research and technology development definition of personal databases with on-line information and services

11 The functionalities Knowledge refinement functionalities: selecting and filtering information and services stored in the platform using the profile information

12 The functionalities Knowledge sharing functionalities: enabling people to share with the community all or part of information, services and tools contained in the personal databases enabling people to share knowledge according to different topics, available on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

13 The functionalities Knowledge utilization functionalities: combining the results of searching resources stored in the platform or available online to find and elaborate new ideas re-using the profile information to reduce the search space

14 The functionalities Networking functionalities: creating a community of interest joining individuals as well as pre-existing networks on the base of features of human behaviours, interests and user profiles

15 The functionalities Building artifact functionalities: building of personalized structured knowledge bases selecting data and information from available resources, categorizing them and integrating in new knowledge building a structured knowledge bases by adding URL and supply attribute-value pairs into the KRC

16 The Resource Centre is available to the following address: - Knowing Resource Centre

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