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Integrating SSA&I projects into the Future Internet activities Limitations of the current Internet.

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1 Integrating SSA&I projects into the Future Internet activities Limitations of the current Internet for the future Internet of Services FIArch Group, 2nd meeting Brussels, Belgium 30 Sept 2010 Lyndon Nixon, 12.10.2014 1

2 ToC A vision of the future Service Web Global Service Delivery Platform (GSDP) Others’ visions – NESSI (NEXOF-RA) – SAP (SDF) Current limitations w.r.t. Services Current drivers w.r.t. Semantics 12.10.2014 2

3 The future Service Web „an Internet in which billions of consumers can consume billions of services seamlessly and transparently“ The current Internet – 28 500 public Web Services (Seekda) – 2 165 Web APIs (programmableweb) – Hardcoded service calls, user interfaces & mash-ups The future Internet – needs semantic service description for automated discovery, mediation, composition & execution of services – needs adaptivity, contextualisation and personalisation to make services a part of everyday (ubiquitously connected) life 12.10.2014 3

4 The Service Web Economy The Service Economy exists – generating revenue and profit from the provision of services as opposed to physical products Shifting of commerce to the Internet,e.g. travel booking Growth of a service ecosystem – find and use the service you need, also services using other services in a (complex) service chain New business models and new approaches to ownership Lower barriers to access = new pricing and billing approaches Lower barriers to entry = user generated services 12.10.2014 4

5 Global Service Delivery Platform A scalable and ubiquitous Internet layer for persistent availability of service function- alities 12.10.2014 5

6 NEXOF Reference Architecture 12.10.2014 6 Holistic approach to a GSDP architecture, providing an uniform view and approach to building GSDPs

7 Service Description Framework (SDF) A Framework, which makes services tradable on the internet, composable into value-added services, and allows the integration of customized services into the environment of service consumers 12.10.2014 7

8 Current limitations for services X-ETP Future Internet Strategic Research Agenda “self-adaptation” of services according to semantics and context. Dynamic mapping of services to (network) resources, service clustering, resource-specific interfaces. Abstraction of transmission layer so that services can request needed QoS independent of underlying transport realisation. Abstract modelling of service resource needs for across infrastructure providers, ensure service portability. Incorporate time & location information in resource usage optimisation (when & where resources are needed) 8

9 Current limitations for services Service Web 3.0 roadmap on Services in Industry URI scheme, DNS and IP addresses not optimal for identification of (dynamic) services. Want to give a description of a goal (formal or even informally) and get an answer. Persistent identity management and trusted identity as a service Context needs to supported by services for managing context in service interactions and its (dynamic) changes Large scale data processing for on-the-fly provision of data changes (trends, triggers etc.) to relevant services Automatable exchange of trusted SLAs between actors, including negotiation, adaptation and agreement on both guarantees & remedial actions. 9

10 Current drivers for semantics Since the added value for users to create personal services will lie in the discovery and sharing of those services (just as with data in Web 2.0), the proper modelling in semantic technologies (with ontologies) will prove to be a vital aspect. By storing service models at a higher level (semantic) form the original intention of the service developer can be preserved and the service implementation adapted to different contexts and environments. Rich context, user profile and preferences processing can enable push-services with always-online devices to give users in-time reminders of relevant information. 12.10.2014 10

11 Coordinator: Website:http://www.sofi-project.eu 12.10.2014 11

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