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Experiences as CLIL student

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1 Experiences as CLIL student
TMS Lübeck

2 Why did you choose “bili”?
Advanced English skills in grade 5 and 6 Multilingual projects Useful training of vocabulary

3 Would you choose it again ?
Opportunity to get to know the English language in a new way Variety of current issues

4 Differences/similarities to normal teaching
Same teacher Working with a book Differences Training of communicative skills No focus on total grammatical correctness Discussions are rather in less depth Not as many issues as in monolingual lessons

5 Highlight of CLIL Due to continuous CLIL lessons in which the English language is not end in itself but media the pupils are able to prove their English skills in: film projects interviews presentations debates discussions with foreign guests

6 CLIL experiences in Lübeck
Positive experience Varied methods of teaching Procurance of new knowledge Use of different medias

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