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Presentation Kick-off meeting MUSEC Modena, 12.01.2007.

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1 Presentation Kick-off meeting MUSEC Modena, 12.01.2007

2 Kick-off meeting MUSEC 12.01.2007 What Ambiente Italia srl is a research and consulting institute working in the field of environmental and territorial planning and analysis. Established in 1995 AI has merged some of the first environmental planning and analysis experiences developed in Italy since first 70s

3 Kick-off meeting MUSEC 12.01.2007 Company structure Managing Board Operative Managing Direction Research body structured in 9 main Research Areas Researcher staff made up of senior researchers, junior researchers and research assistants, with differents vocational training and expertise Network of partners and consultant at national and international level for specific tasks

4 Kick-off meeting MUSEC 12.01.2007 Operative Offices Milano: head office, legal and operative office Roma: operative office Pisa: operative office Treviso: operative office Palermo: research team

5 Kick-off meeting MUSEC 12.01.2007 Our customer General Directorates of the European Commission Eurostat European Environment Agency Ministry for the Environment Ministry for Agricolture National Agency for the Protection of the Environment Local authorities: 90 municipalities, 38 provinces, 10 regions More than 40 research institutes and universities More than 120 private companies

6 Kick-off meeting MUSEC 12.01.2007 Main activity areas Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Urban Land Planning Natural Resources Planning and Management Strategic Assessment/Policies Audit Local Sustainability Planning/Agenda 21 Energy Resources Planning and Sustainable Management Waste Planning and Sustainable Management Business Management/Environmental Management/ Business Environmental Reporting Product Policies

7 Kick-off meeting MUSEC 12.01.2007 Energy area Energy studies and plans at local level Technical analysis regarding more efficient use of energy Development of renewables sources Energy audits in the civil sector Energy management in buildings for local authorities Training activities on solar thermal, PV, building management Consultancy for industry and local authorities in obtaining EmAS certification

8 Kick-off meeting MUSEC 12.01.2007 Main activities in the MUSEC project Leader of work package n. 2 Development of prerequisites to define best practices for SEC Collection and analysis of best practice information Procedure for standardising best practice information Compare and analyse the SEC strategies made by the communities Drafting a concept SEC strategy blueprint Final SEC Strategy Blueprint Supporting communities in drafting their action plan

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