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Maritime projects Lead partners seminar 27 th May 2014.

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1 Maritime projects Lead partners seminar 27 th May 2014

2  Administrative & Financial issues  Communication  Short presentation of Presage CTE Contents

3  All contracts should be signed by mid-June in order to avoid any delay in the stat-up  Date of decision of the MED Programme Selection Committee : 9 th April 2014 (article 1.1)  Kindly be sure that you sign the updated version of the Subsidy Contract  Partnership agreement: In regard to the official notification of the Managing Authority to the selected projects … transmitted 11 th April 2014  Start up report to be submitted before 31 st July Contracting procedure

4 Engaged, invoiced and paid out between:  The day after the submission of complete AF  Within date of project closure In case costs cannot be paid out within the date of project closure:  paid out within two months after project closure Closure administrative expenditures (First Level Control and staff costs):  may be engaged and paid out within two months after project closure Eligibility of the implementation expenses All expenses must be paid out within the 30th June 2015

5 End of the eligibility Project ending date End of the eligibility 30/04/20152 months30/06/2015 31/05/20151 month30/06/2015 15/06/201515 days30/06/2015 0 days30/06/2015  According to the Subsidy Contracts and Programme documents, the eligibility of the projects’ expenditure ends on the 30 th June 2015  No two additional months for payments for projects whose ending date is less that two months before that date  All expenditure (including closure administrative expenditures) engaged, invoiced or paid out after the 30 th June 2015 will not be eligible

6 Every 6 months a submission of: –Progress report + annexes + list of deliverables –Payment claim + certifications of expenditure Deadlines for submission must be respected Maritime projects Reporting period Date of submission to the JTS Start-up to 31 st December 2014 31 st March 2015 1 st January 2015 to end of the project 3 months after the end Art: 3.3 of the Subsidy Contract Reporting frequency

7  The intermediate payment claim is not compulsory…  BUT the progress report is!  In order to have a visibility on the state of the art of the expenditure… please update Presage once a month  For the closure of the project you will have to submit: - Progress report (2 nd implementation period) - Final Report (Part 1, 2 and 3) - Annexes - CD including all final deliverables for the Library - Excel: budget real execution Reporting frequency

8 1 Each partner enters activities and expenditures on PRESAGE CTE PP 2 Lead Partner validates the other partners’ expenses on PRESAGE CTE LP 3 FLC of each partner (centralised or decentralised system) FLC/PP Validates the eligible expenditure Generates a First Level Control Certificate on PRESAGE CTE 4 In Spain and Portugal: the FLC’s certificate has to be validated by the responsible National Authority NA/FLC/ PP 5 The Lead Partner gathers all the certificates and produce a payment claim + progress report on PRESAGE CTE LP 6 Submission to the JTS within the deadlines mentioned in the Subsidy Contract LP Expenditure reporting procedure [1]

9 Expenditure reporting procedure [2] 7 The JTS verifies the report: JTS/LP/ PP/FLC Conformity against application form Conformity of validations by controllers against national systems Transfers to Managing Authority 8 The Managing Authority ensures the precision of the payment claim and communicates it to the Certifying Authority MA/CA 9 The Certifying Authority draws up payment order to the Lead partner CA/LP 10 The Lead partner transfers funds to the ERDF partners LP

10 National control systems  Each Member State  Has set up a First Level Control system  Has determined the selection mode for controllers  Each partner:  must refer to the control system of the State where it is located  must follow the information provided by the national bodies on the selection procedure Centralized System: Croatia, Greece, Malta, Slovenia and UK (Gibraltar) Decentralized System : Cyprus, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal

11 Some tips…  First thing to do: Selection of FLC  Second thing to do: Public procurements, events & payments  Fluent communication with your JTS Project Officer  Update expenditures on Presage once a month  Take advantage of partners experience  Remember: No prolongation is possible. Budget modifications are not desirable.  One year of implementation… Time flies!!

12  Organization of events and com material led by the COM&CAP project will be provided by it  Don’t forget that content info needs to be provided by partners towards the COM&CAP project  Attendance costs to events organized by the COM&CAP project must be borne by partners  All eventual travel outside of the MED area must be approved in advance by the JTS, even in the case of events organized by the COM&CAP project  Any COM&CAP initiative of a project must be approved in advance by the JTS, and communicated for information to the COM&CAP project COM&CAP activities

13 Donwload programme reference documents and guidance sorted by project phase More information @

14 Example: Downloads in ‘IMPLEMENTATION’

15 Communiation Avoid ineligibility and respect all visual obligations set by the MED Programme and EC regulations!

16 Presage CTE Short Introduction

17 Background information  Reporting procedure is made through Presage CTE.  Each LP, Project partners and FLC will have a different user name and password.  JTS sends the LP all partners’ user name and password and LP will have to forward them to each partner.  Those of the FLC will be sent to them after receiving the national approval, in the case of decentralized systems.  Each actor will have a different profile and access to different functionalities according to its role in the reporting procedure.  LP will have access to information of all partners, PP only will have access to their own information.

18 Background information  Create  Enter  Modify  Remove  Validated/Locked  Export info  Create a PDF  Get exports and PDF

19 Homepage In this section financial tables which allow a global financial monitoring Look up or download the last approved AF Through this section access to all reporting

20 To enter expenditure data [1] To start entering the expenditure data, click on « Show expenditure list »

21 To enter expenditure data [2] Click on « Add an expenditure » to start entering an expenditure. And repeat the same procedure for each expense

22 To enter expenditure data [3] It is highly recommended to include a comment which may help to quickly identify the nature of the expenditure

23 Partners expenditures waiting for LP validation Following expenditures on the reporting procedure Expenditures entered by partners Expenditures already validated by the LP waiting for certification Expenditures already validated and certified waiting to be included in a payment claim

24  “Expenditure in validation process” by the Lead partner  It is not an eligibility check, but a verification of the conformity of the expenditure against the activities foreseen in the application form  If the partner has allocated the expenditure to the wrong budget line, for example, the LP should refuse it and make the partner correct it before the certification  Once the LP has validated the partner’s expenditure, it will appear in Presage as “Expenditures in certification process”  The First Level Controller will then be able to certify the expenditure LP validates the other partners’ entries

25 Expenditure in validation process by the Lead partner [1] The Lead partner verifies the expenses of its partners, then validates or refuses them Here the magnifying glass allows you to see the elements related to the declared expense

26 Certificate of expenditure FLC should click on « Show certificates list » to start the creation of a certificate of expenditures. LP will be allow to see if the FLC has already created and validated a certificate of expenditures.

27 The Lead Partner gathers all the partners’ certificates and produces a payment claim

28 To create a payment claim (LP) [1] In the homepage, click on « Show payment claims list »

29 To create a payment claim (LP) [2] Click here to include the certificates of your partners and also your own, in the payment claim Switch to final only if it is the project’s last payment claim. For now, they should all be “interim” payment claims

30 To create a payment claim (LP) [3] LP will enter this chapter to make the payment claim statement LP must include the name of the person signing the payment claim LP can check here that the payment claim is complete and that the project budget is respected Click here to validate definitively the document and print it out

31 Activity report Each partner must fill in a simplified progress report containing the activities per component. And the LP must fill a complete “Progress Report” containing a synthesis of the progress at project level (transnational approach)

32 When the Lead partner receives the ERDF reimbursement it has to enter the Presage system and to fill-in the payment list by clicking on « Show received payments » ERDF payments

33 Payment date ERDF amounts and transfer to partners «Add a received payment » to include information concerning the transfer of ERDF to partners Enter date of payment reception (LP and partners)

34 Thank you for your attention Joint Technical Secretariat MED PROGRAMME

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