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International Trade e-Learning suite for SMEs in Turkey (InTeLS-TR) Project LdV Tranfer of Innovation Project 2010-1-TR-1-LEO05-16751.

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1 International Trade e-Learning suite for SMEs in Turkey (InTeLS-TR) Project LdV Tranfer of Innovation Project 2010-1-TR-1-LEO05-16751

2 In General The spirt, methodology and main topics of InTeLS online course materials have been preserved in Intels TR exactly, but some changes have been made. Concerning the e-book, many parts have been re-written, some parts have been enlarged and a few new parts have been added. Concerning the game, everything is the same with Intels, except the language. And the most importantly we added a new online course tool namely Animation What is new in InTeLS-TR?

3 The changes are made appropriate to; Turkish SMEs structure, Language, Needs analysis, Turkey's institutional structure Differences in Turkey's foreign trade law and regulations -EU - Turkey Customs Union Determinants of the differences

4 The EU and Turkey are linked by a Customs Union agreement. In this context, between Turkey and 27 countries of the EU; There are no customs duties on trade concerning industrial products. There is only a specific tax named “agriculture share” concerning processed agricultural products. Concerning agricultural products, EU and Turkey follow independent but similar policies Turkey applies the EU’s Common Customs tariff for industrial products imported from third countries. Furthermore, due to Custom Union with the EU, Turkey adopted EU’s third countries trade policies. In this context, Turkey signed free trade agreements with 19 countries and some more free trade agreements (between 15 -20) are in negotiation process. Therefore, much of the deviations in Intels-TR from the original Intels project comes from the Customs Union Agreement between Turkey and the EU. Turkey – EU Relations

5 Inward Processing Regime which is not included in the original Intels is considered as an important topic in InTeLS TR. Inward processing regime is a trade policy tool that allows importing the necessary raw materials with a tax exemption, for the production of products to export. Inward Processing Regime is also available in the EU and UK. However, due to the customs union between the EU and Turkey, inward processing regime is complex and difficult to understand in Turkey. We have same systemic differences from the UK. In our project, we explained this difficult subject in a simple way for SMEs and we oriented trainees to useful links. Otherwise, online trainees would have difficulties to understand the legislation developed for professionals. Inward Processing

6 Promotion Tools:Turkey's export promotion policies are different from UK’s policies. Therefore, state export promotion policy instruments are summarized one by one in InTeLS-TR Project and online users can meet relevant institutions through useful links. Market Research: Market research is a neglected issue for SMEs in Turkey. Therefore, companies in terms of market research and the development of a marketing strategy are oriented in Intels as well as in InTeLS-TR Project. In addition to Intels project, we added many more useful links related to websites concerning national and international data sources which can help market research. Export Financing: Export financing and financial resources are also included in Intels. In InTeLS-TR, we have included Turkish Eximbank loans and insurance programs. Intellectual Property rights:The issues of the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights in foreign trade are elaborated in detail compared to Intels project. Other Differences

7 Other Differecies, continued Documents used in trade: In InTeLS-TR, documents used in foreign trade are introduced one by one. In needs analysis survey that we made at the beginning of our project, it seemed as a necessity. But unfortunately, we couldn’t give any links related to foreign trade documents due of the lack of information given by related institutions. Free Zones: Free zones in Turkey are used as a tool for economic development from past to present. There are around 20 free trade zones in Turkey. Production are allowed in most of them while a few do not offer production infrastructure. The free zones are highly regulated, they have privileged taxation and foreign trade legislation. Therefore, we had to put some explanation in Intels-TR about our free zones. Logistics:In both export and import sections, logistics issue is explained in detail. We know that companies have a lack of information concerning the management of logistics.

8 Other Differecies, Continued Apart from the content, visuality of online course material’s (the e-book) has been increased by powering uniflip technology, re arranging headings and sub headings, and adding some visual pictures.

9 Animation The most striking difference we added is a foreign trade animation, parallel to some important parts of the e-book. With this new tool, an e-learner could grasp essentials of foreign trade by an audiovisual way. The topics which we have audio visualised are, essentials of foreign trade, incoterms (delivery terms) and payment terms. In the animation, the boss, Ali Rıza Hepsatar, and his intelligent consultant, Volkan Hepöğretir discuses various trade related situations between themselves. A narrator explains the scene

10 New training material: Animation

11 The Game Export game is translated in Turkish; other parameters remained basically the same.

12 Pilot training In our two pilot trainings, online course materials were appreciated by the participants

13 Dissemination Project website will be annouced to all SMEs and foreign trade students in Turkey after dissemination seminars. Dissemination seminars, Izmir, September 14, Rize, September 21, Gaziantep, September 28, Final Cnference, October 18,

14 Thank you!

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