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PHILIP II AUGUSTUS 1.The god given. Philip II Augustus.

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1 PHILIP II AUGUSTUS 1.The god given

2 Philip II Augustus

3 Life August 21, 1165 –July 14, 1223 Ruled until his death in 1223 Common people liked him because he distributed power among everyone.

4 KING PHILIP II PHILIP II ruled from 1180-1223 Turning point in French Monarchy War with King Henry II who controlled Anjou, Normandy, Maine, England, and, Aquitaine Wars with his vassals War with John Lackland Went on third Crusade

5 Family Philip II had a total of three wives, in which he had two wives at once, illegal at the time First wife, Isabelle, died, then he married a second wife, Ingeborg, and never got divorced, and then married the third Agnes, which he had two kids with

6 Government Conquered many lands. Began a turning point in the French monarchy. He reorganized the government, bringing financial stability to the country and thus making possible a sharp increase in prosperity. His reign was popular with ordinary people because he checked the power of the nobles and passed some of it on to the growing middle class.

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