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Presentation by: Eric McKee and Jon Schenke Teacher Edition

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1 Presentation by: Eric McKee and Jon Schenke Teacher Edition
Sigmund Freud: Creative Writing and Daydreaming, Psychoanalysis in Culture Presentation by: Eric McKee and Jon Schenke Teacher Edition Edited By: Dr. Picart Associate Professor of English Courtesy Associate Professor of Law

2 Freud is known as ________________________.
What country did Freud come from? What period did he live in?

3 Creative Writers and Daydreaming
What is the relationship between creative writers and daydreaming, according to Freud?

4 Child’s Play What is the significance of child’s play to Freud?

5 Fantasies Put in Two Main Groups
Ambition __________________________________________ Eroticism __________________________________________

6 Question? Do you all agree with Freud that women’s fantasies and daydreams are dominated by eroticism, rather than ambition?

7 Similarities between fantasies (daydreams) and dreams
__________________________________________ Dreams __________________________________________

8 Relation of Creative Writer to the Daydreamer: Past, Present and Future

9 Why the Creative Writer isn’t Scrutinized like the Daydreamer

10 Psychoanalysis in Culture

11 Origin of the Incest Taboo

12 What does Freud mean by: Ambivalence.
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This love creates ________ after the Deed.

13 Totemism ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

14 The Sacrificial Animal
“The totem animal in reality is a substitute for the ________________.” “In primitive societies __________ was the only bond inviolable and absolute.”

15 The Feast The totem meal was the beginning of:

16 Patriarchy is . . . ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

17 Religion Religion is based on the first taboo-- _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

18 Back to the Deed “_________ was based on complicity in the common crime; ________ was based on the sense of guilt and the remorse attaching to it while _________ was based partly on the the exigencies of this society and partly on the penance demanded by the sense of guilt.”

19 God the Father “God is formed in the likeness of the ________.”
The totem animal is a ________ ________.

20 The Son The introduction of __________ increased the son’s importance in the patriarchal family. In the Christian myth the original sin was the ________________________. Self sacrifice points back to ______________. “Atonement with the father was complete since the sacrifice was accompanied by a ___________________________ on whose account the rebellion against the father was started.”

21 Greek Tragedy The Hero must bear the burden of “tragic guilt”—which is?

22 Greek Tragedy What role does the chorus play in Greek Tragedy?

23 Links
This has more Freud links than you could ever want.

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