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For Official Use Only. Public Health and EMS How Long Do You Have to Live? For Official Use Only.

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1 For Official Use Only

2 Public Health and EMS How Long Do You Have to Live? For Official Use Only

3 Perception

4 The “3-C’s” Communication Cooperation Coordination For Official Use Only

5 Communication

6 Michigan Health Alert Network (MIHAN) For Official Use Only

7 Cooperation

8 Coordination

9 Community Partners For Official Use Only

10 Coordination



13 2 Public Health Missions Pandemics Bioterrorism All hazard planning For Official Use Only






19 Seasonal Influenza Seasonal Influenza hospitalizes 200,000 annually 36,000 die from seasonal influenza annually Spread of flu spreads from person to person occurs rapidly Monitoring (surveillance) is key to determining response Wearing of mask – WASHING OF HANDS For Official Use Only

20 Pandemic Influenza After several different age groups and higher risk individuals Pandemics occur on an average of every three or four decades When they occur, followed by multiple waves after initial outbreak Overwhelms local public health Impacts clinical practitioners/emergency responders Social & economic destruction For Official Use Only

21 Pandemic Planning World Health Organization (WHO) distribute preparedness plan making recommendations All local public health have a plan Local public health follow the Centers for Disease Control direction In 2009 outbreak 13,000 killed and 60 million were sickened For Official Use Only

22 Mission #2 Provide (oral) prophylaxis to 100% of population within 48 hours from the federal government’s release of SNS For Official Use Only

23 BioWatch Program FOUO Air monitoring system Detects for toxins in the air Operates through Department of Homeland Security Major populated areas For Official Use Only

24 Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) For Official Use Only

25 Strategic National Stockpile For Official Use Only The medicine in the SNS is FREE for everyone. The SNS has stockpiled enough medicine to protect people in several large cities at the same time. Federal, state and local community planners are work together to ensure that the SNS medicines will be delivered to the affected area to protect you and your family if there is a terrorist attack.

26 Guidance Provided Pandemic Influenza Surveillance Laboratory Diagnostics Health Care Planning Infection Control Clinical Guidelines Vaccine Distribution and Use Community Control and Prevention Public Health Communications For Official Use Only

27 Response Plan Initiated Risk Communication Process Initiated Vaccination Order from CDC Vaccination Clinics Established Thousands of Volunteers Needed Control of Clients Responding to Clinics On-going Surveillance and Operations for Possibly Months For Official Use Only

28 Anthrax Letters 5 grams 5 deaths For Official Use Only

29 Bioterrorism Surveillance Notification of Credible Information from FBI BioWatch Air Sampling System Public Health Officer determines activation Activation of the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Plan Requesting the SNS Receipt of the SNS Dispensing the SNS to Public For Official Use Only

30 Bioterrorism Macomb County has 14 Points of Dispensing (PODs) with 2 distribution nodes Each site contains set-up equipment for establishing the POD Between 50,000 and 60,000 people will Notified through mass electronic media Many times zip codes are used Emergency plans exist for each site For Official Use Only





35 Bioterrorism Law enforcement/EMS play important role Public require consistent messaging Human resources remain the key component for operations For Official Use Only



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