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1 Seasons.

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1 1 Seasons

2 2010年第x期 主办单位:实验学校 编辑出版:五年一班 地址:丰泽庄 邮编:515041 编辑:许静玲 出版日期:2010.5. 2.
Content 1.Seasons in Shantou My Favorite Season Spring Summer Winter Enjoy the Pictures of Seasons 2010年第x期 主办单位:实验学校 编辑出版:五年一班 地址:丰泽庄 邮编:515041 编辑:许静玲 出版日期:

3 Seasons in Shantou 1 Hello,my name is Linda. I live in Shantou. There are four seasons in Shantou. I love spring! Spring is not very hot and cold. We have a lot of fun in spring. We can plant trees and flowers. It’s so nice to watch the plants grow. We can have a picnic with my friends in spring. Summer is very hot. I usually swim with my family in the sea. I like to wear my T-shirt and skirt in summer. I can eat ice-cream in summer. It’s my favorite food. I like fall best. Because I can climb mountains and fly kites. I also love to watch the leaves fall. In fall, the sky is very blue. It is cool and windy! It is so nice in fall. Winter is beautiful! But it’s too cold for me. In winter , I often wear my sweater and coat. I love all the seasons! They are all beautiful. Previous next

4 My Favorite Season Hi! I’m Linda. My favorite season is fall. In fall, the weather is usually cool and windy. I can wear my nice shirt with the cool jeans in fall. I can fly kites with my sister and go hiking with my friends. It’s so nice to watch the leaves fall. Leaves come down in autumn, and red maple windward. Farmers work hard in the farms for the harvest with delight. I usually enjoy myself walking around the golden country field What is your favorite season? Can you tell me? Previous next

5 Spring . In spring. All the things are reviving. The world is colorful. The trees and grass are green. Flowers are beautiful. Some are red. Some are yellow. Some are purple. The birds are flying in the blue sky. The bees are singing. They are very busy. They are making honey. The butterflies are dancing in the garden. The children are playing games. Previous next

6 In summer, the tree is very green, the flower is very beautiful, the river is very limpidity, the grass is very verdant. I like enjoying summer!   In summer, I like to swim. It’s interesting. I can wear my pretty dress and T-shirt, I like eating ice cream, too. Summer Previous next

7 Winter Although winter means cold weather, I love it all the same. I think winter is a beautiful season, especially when it snows. Snowflakes fall down naughtily. They fall on branches of trees, on roofs of houses and on wheat fields. Soon the whole earth will be dressed in white. Everything is shining in the sun. Every time it snows, I will remember an old saying, "Winter has come, can spring be far away?'

8 Enjoy the Pictures of Seasons

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